Purvi Shifts To Servant’s Quarter

Today's Molkki Written Episode 4th May 2021: Purvi Shifts To Servant's Quarter

In some of the recent episodes of Molkki, we have watched that Sakshi has returned and Virender and Purvi marriage couldn’t happen. While Purvi goes to Sakshi’s room and Sakshi asks about Purvi. Mamaji replies that she is the servant of our house. Purvi overhears it and runs away from there crying. Everyone except Anjali and Prakashi feeling bad for Purvi. Virender takes Sakshi’s hand and takes her inside, everyone goes after them except Purvi, Sudha, and Purvi. Purvi is seeing everything happening with her. Priyu breaks out with tears seeing her sister’s condition.

While Sakshi’s condition is getting analyzed by the doctor. Juhi asks the doctor if her mother is fine. The doctor replies that she is fine and takes Virender along with him. The doctor tells Virender that Sakshi’s condition is still critical and you all have to remember to keep her away from any kind of stress. After Virender’s Mamaji comes and tries to talk to him but Virender enters the room again. Prakashi asks Virender about Sakshi, Virender tells them everything.

Purvi is continuously crying alone in her room, she removes all her jewelry. She collapsed removing her mangal sutra. She then asks her lord why did he do it to her. the next morning, Sakshi comes into her senses and Virender rushes to her room. Mamaji goes after him while Purvi is watching all that from the door. Sakshi then notices Purvi and asks Virender I haven’t seen this girl in the mansion. Purvi stunned hearing this and thinks she herself keeps her in the cell and she is saying that she didn’t see me before.

But before Virender Mamaji says that she is our servant looks after the kids for us. Purvi there listened to it and run away from there crying. Virender then asks Mama why did he lie to Sakshi about Purvi. Mamaji recalls Virender about the doctor’s words. While Virender is talking with Sakshi and she is talking about taking a new start along with him. Virender is feeling helpless and he is compelled to hide the truth from Sakshi.

Anjali comes to Purvi and tells her that Jethji along with real Mukhuyain is heading to this room. So, you better pack your stuff and shifts to servant’s quarter from now on. Purvi starts packing her stuff crying. Virender there is worrying about what he will tell Sakshi if she finds Purvi there. But as he reached there he gets bemused as Purvi and stuff wasn’t there.

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