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Given his time and Putin’s unfaithful relationship with US President Biden, he has given rise to speculation given the news of Russia’s president leaving office.

Even as Americans prepare for a new presidency, a UK tabloid is reporting to the Russian president. Vladimir Putin Plans to resign amid rising health concerns. While the Kremlin has rubbished reports stating that the Russian supremo is in “excellent health”, speculation is rife about who could be Putin’s potential successor.

A UK tabloid, Sun cited observers On November 6, President Putin was planning to leave early next year after showing possible symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. As expected, Moscow spokesman Dmitry Peskov has denied reports from Britain stating that Russian leaders are in “excellent health”. However, this news has given rise to speculation about its timing and its unfaithful relationship with the disgruntled President. Joe Biden. Putin is among the leaders who have yet to congratulate Biden on his victory.

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Significantly, the latest reports of Putin’s alleged plan to retire follow a proposed law in the Russian legislature that could grant former Russian presidents legal immunity from criminal prosecution during their lifetime. Quoting Moscow’s political scientist Professor Valeri Solovi, Sun He said that Putin’s undeclared partner Alina Kabeva was urging him to leave – along with his two daughters Maria Vorotsova and Katerina Tikhonova. Solovi told Surya: “There is a family, he has a great influence on her. He intends to make his handover plans public in January.

Solovey’s remarks reinforced speculation about Putin’s Parkinson’s.

Experts claim that footage of Putin’s recent appearances shows his fingers shaking as he holds a pen, his legs are seen in constant motion and he is in pain while pressing the armrest of the chair. . Solovi also said that Putin would soon appoint a prime minister who would be prepared to hold the presidency for a long time when he eventually wants to retire. According to Solovey, Putin may retire in early January 2021.

How did Putin see the future of Russia?

On 15 January this year, Putin announced several changes to the constitution, which ensured that he would remain in power after the end of his term in 2024. He rejected Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s cabinet and imposed a little-known tax in his place. Official, Mikhail Mishustin. Russia’s foremost opposition leader and critic of Putin, Aleksei Navalny, tweeted that Putin clearly expressed a desire to continue the shots even after his presidential term ends. AP quoted Navalni as to where she is: “The only goal of Putin and his regime is to remain in charge for life, to keep the entire country as his personal property and to seize his wealth for himself and his friends.” January changes according to analyst Alec Luhan Politico, Was designed to ensure that, “while Putin may go one day, Putinism will remain.”

The 68-year-old leader, also a former KGB operative, is known for keeping his options open and keeping his intentions secret until the end. To put Putin on the high is uncertain. However, it is believed that he is seeking someone strong to take control of the world’s largest country, but is loyal enough to protect himself and his colleagues. According to sociologist Olga Krishtanovskaya, who was quite keen on Russian politics, “people’s selection is already defined … These people now hold important positions.”

68-year-old Putin, also a former KGB operative, is known for keeping his options open and keeping his intentions secret until the end.

So, who can be the successor of Putin?

On paper, the answer seems straightforward: Mikhail Mishustin In the case of Putin’s death or incapacitation, officially there may not be an election to replace the interim control of the Russian government for 90 days or until he is replaced

Mishunin, however, is seen as a technical expert placeholder “with no power base or ambition”.

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In addition to Mishutin, the 61-year-old mayor Sergey SobyaninThe former governor of Tyumen Province, has long been viewed as one of the country’s most influential figures. As a national-level politician, Sobyanin was the head of Putin’s administration from 2005 to 2008, after which he joined Putin in government after becoming deputy prime minister. As a “first Putin technocrat” and a long-time loyalist, Soblin likely ranks high on Putin’s list. However his rise would leave the Russian leader with the problem of establishing a new pro-Kremlin mayor in a rapidly resting capital.

Shoigu is known to be close to Putin and regularly spends summer vacations with the president in Tuva.

Apart from the politicians, some bureaucrats and even some of Putin’s bodyguards are seen as potential heirs. In any case, if a battle of succession develops — Putin is likely to keep his card close to his chest.

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