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33 Woman Entrepreneur – one of the fastest growing, highest running businesses by 2020 – challenging the status quo and restarting it, head on.

People Who Inspire (PWI) Miracle Gen Awards 2020-21 | Tech Media Inc. | Florida, USA: Women who challenge the crash through the roof of the corporate glass — women who illuminate an otherwise gloomy, epidemic-ridden night sky with sheer glare — women who display patience and gaiety due to cynical prejudice. 33 women CEOs and entrepreneurs Among the few who were Fastest growing business in 2020 – A year otherwise marked by worldwide economic doom due to the epidemic.

In which women participated People who inspire (PWI) Miracle Gen Awards – Woman’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2020-21 Edition 1 Despite the recession, the stubborn are ahead, refusing to back down from the obstacles that come their way. In fact, such restrictive conditions of doing business only add to the substance of their achievement this year.

Winner of PWI Miracle Jane Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2020-21

People who inspire for PWI Miracle Jane Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2020-21

Women in the global workforce

Although women are working in increasing numbers around the world They formed only 38.7% of the workforce in 2020. Globally, it is lower than what was recorded in the early 2000s. In 2020, women contributed a record number of CEOs to the Global Fortune 500 list, but the number was as low as 13, these businesses account for only 2.6% In terms of revenue. other than this, Not a single woman of color is on the list.

People who inspire (PWI) Miracle General Woman Entrepreneur of the year 2020-21 – ICONISM PARADIGM METODODY

Ownership of Tech ICONISM PARADIGM The methodology breaks down the selection criteria into 4 I am‘-

  • Imagine that
  • new
  • effect
  • effect

Already against innumerable odds and maintaining industry presuppositions, these exceptionally brave hearts to run successful ventures in this grueling year and rapidly turn potential ventures into profitable businesses in less than a decade Deserve to be celebrated.

Through their imagination and innovative business ideas, these 33 women have made considerable impact in their respective fields, and have enhanced the influence of women entrepreneurs in the business world.

Tech Media, Inc. Hats off to these young notable entrepreneurs who stand out as role models for millions of women around the world – aspiring to strike big and make an impact.

Watch for these women and their upcoming establishments over the next few years.

Winner – PWI Miracle Gen Woman Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2020-21 (1st ed.)

* Note: This league of 33 exceptional professional women is version 1 of Tech’s PWI’s Miracle General 99 Woman Entrepreneur of the Year 2020-21. See this location for version 2 and version 3.


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