Raj Kisan Saathi Portal 2021 | Raj Kisan Sathi Portal in hindi

Raj Kisan Sathi Portal 2021 (Mobile App Download, Registration, Benefits, Registration) (Rajasthan Raj Kisan Sathi Portal in Hindi)

The process of Raj Kisan Sathi Portal for farmers is going to be started soon by the Rajasthan government. Farmers will get more than 150 mobile applications available on this portal simultaneously. Indian farmers, known as the reed bone of India, contribute to India by providing every food item to the country. To simplify the work of those farmers, this online scheme is being started. Now the farmers will get all the information related to the same portal scheme, it has been made mainly for the farmers, so every information related to the farmers will be here, they will not have to wander there. Let us know what is Raj Kisan Saathi Portal, its features.

Name Raj Kisan Sathi Portal
In which state Rajasthan
Beneficiary Farmer
The department Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Department
How many apps are connected 150
The medium Online
Official portal not now
Helpline number not now

Prime Minister Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme Helpline Number – Anything related to the scheme can now be solved directly from the officer.

Raj Kisan Saathi Portal 2021 –

After filling the online application through the portal, the farmers will be able to easily get the benefit through direct benefit transfer mode in their bank. The process released by the Rajasthan government includes the contribution of the central government as well as the schemes released to the farmers by the central government. There are many schemes for which farmers have to go far enough for offline registration and farmers have to face a huge problem due to walking in the offices. With the help of this portal, they will be able to easily fill their application form on the online portal. This online portal has included various schemes offered by the government to the farmers so that the farmers do not have to face much difficulty in applying and understanding the schemes.

Rajasthan Raj kisan saathi portal registration online

A single window Rajasthan Raj Kisan Sathi Portal has been prepared in the portal released under this scheme. The Rajasthan government has included agriculture as well as animal husbandry works in this portal. In this scheme, any farmer can easily fill the online application for farmer welfare schemes where he will get all the functional links on the same official website.

Pradhan Mantri Kisan Tractor Scheme : Now do modern farming by purchasing your own tractor, the government will pay half the price of the tractor.

rule Features of Kisan Sathi Portal –

  • One On location for Rajasthan farmers More than 150 applications – More than 150 applications have been developed under this portal, which will be made available for farmers on this portal. The main objective of this portal is that farmers can get benefit from them by filling online application in every farmer welfare scheme.
  • Farmer Portal development – This portal has been prepared by the Rajasthan Farmers Welfare Department under “Ease of Doing Farming” under this portal. Through this official website, farmers will be able to get all farmer-centric services and they will be able to easily get the relevant information. This portal has been given information on how they can fill applications for various subsidies by joining with the concerned departments and how they can get benefits.
  • rule Online benefits of agricultural schemes in Kisan Sathi – As all the schemes released in India are availed through DBT mode only, for which it is mandatory for the farmers to fill the online application. The specialty of this portal is that after filling the online application under this portal, the entire process of application in each scheme will be sent to the applicants on their mobile number in a phased manner. Through this process, there will be a transparency between the farmers and the schemes so that they can understand the schemes and they can get the benefit of filling their application. Agricultural machinery, horticultural agriculture, marketing, cooperatives, animal husbandry, fisheries department, seed corporation and organic certification bodies etc. have been included under this portal.

Agricultural Equipment Grant Scheme : If you want to do good farming in less hard work, then buy modern equipment now, the government is giving money

rule Benefits of Kisan Yojana

While releasing this scheme, the Chief Minister of Rajasthan has said that this portal will mainly make aware about every scheme offered to farmers. So that they do not need to go here and there, they will be able to fill applications in all the schemes through this portal easily.

rule Other important information on Kisan Sathi Portal

The most important contribution in driving India’s economy towards development is the activities related to farming and agriculture. The entire percentage of India’s GDP depends on agricultural output. Therefore, the Raj Kisan Sathi Portal has been created by the Government of Rajasthan to present all the schemes released by the Central Government together with the schemes of the State Government. This scheme has been formulated for the welfare of farmers only because when the farmer of the country becomes prosperous, only then the whole country will be able to move towards prosperity. If the benefits of the schemes are available to the farmers then only the yield of the farmers will increase and there will be positive effects on the health of the citizens.

Rajasthan Public Relations Portal – Now you can get your complaint directly from the government in 15 days, how to know about it

Farmers will also be able to get all the technical information and expert opinion coming through the Raj Kisan Saathi Portal. By filling his application easily, he will be able to get all the new information on his mobile number, all the information related to all the facilities like seed production, organic farming market prices, rental machine etc. with the help of this one portal.

general question

Q-Raj Kisan Saathi Portal scheme will benefit the farmers of which state?


What documents are required for application in Q-Raj Kisan Sathi Portal?

A-Only Farmer’s Mobile Number

How many applications have been included under the Q-Raj Kisan Saathi Portal?


Q – Under the Kisan Sathi Portal, farmers will get information about all the schemes received by the state and central government.


Q- Can the farmers of Rajasthan fill the application under any scheme through Raj Kisan Sathi Portal?

A-Yes, through this portal, farmers of Rajasthan can fill applications under each scheme issued by farmers.

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