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Star director Rajamouli never ceases to amaze us. Rajamouli’s concepts and canvas for big league films like RRR definitely make the filmmakers jealous of him. Although Rajamouli had big plans for RRR, he supported an idea.

Rajamouli had earlier planned to make RRR in 3D as well. The director himself announced it in press talks, but plans are changed. Rajamouli gave up the idea of ​​releasing RRR in 3D. The team decided to drop the 3D version of RRR and the cause is epidemic effect. While the team is already running behind schedule due to unforeseen delays, they abandoned the 3DR version of RRR because they could not afford much time, money and effort.

The epidemic forced many changes in the film industry, while many actors and technicians suffered from virus infections. Shooting of RRR had to be stopped during lockdown and later Rajamouli also had to take a break after testing positive for Kovid-19.

The team is returning to shooting last month after a seven-month hiatus. Taking extreme care and avoiding large groups does not help the film’s shooting much, so the team decided to finish shooting and meet the release deadline. The film has previously been planned for a Sankranti release, but is now anticipated to be released in summer.

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