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Ravi Teja is collaborating with director Tejaswi Rao Nakina and everywhere. Ravi Teja, who is riding high with crack success, is said to have increased remuneration and is charging the bomb with his next partner Tridha Rao. The film is in the limelight in the city that Ravi Teja is charging more than Rs 16 crore as his fee for the film.

For Krak, Ravi Teja took remuneration as well as contributed to the profits of the collection of Vizag and the surrounding areas. It has worked for him. Prior to the release of Crack, UV Creations had asked Ravi Teja to end his remuneration for his proposed film with Maruti. However, Ravi was not keen to cut his remuneration. With this, Maruti and UV Creations opted for Gopichand. With the success of the crack, Ravi Teja has increased the fee and the producer People Media Factory has agreed to meet the protagonist’s demand.

However, he has now increased by 60 per cent and is charging around Rs 16 crore. This is definitely a big increase. The producers seem to have agreed to pay this remuneration to the Maas Maharaja.

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