Reason for an age-old dilemma in the MCU: Is Bucky Hydro Free?

Marvel’s The Wakanda Files exposes the possibilities of the MCU featuring Bucky as the infamous Winter Soldier.

After seeing Bucky Barnes as a cool soldier again from a “worthy” friend to the infamous Hydra assassin, we consider his character. with and The falcon and the winter soldier On the verge of release, we can barely wait to see how things look.

This expectation is further emphasized by the newly released book The Wakanda Files: A Technological Discovery of the Avengers and Beyond (By Troy Benjamin) that sheds a lot of light on various events in the MCU timeline. And one of these is Bucky and his mental state. We never get to see how Shuri helped him after Winter Soldier, he was ready for battle in Infinity War! Is Bucky Hydra Free Now?

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What happened to James Buchanan Barnes?

We know how, at the MCU, HYDRA transformed James Buchanan Barnes, AKA Bucky, into one of his “personal flying monkeys”. We found it Captain America Civil War. However, Winter Solider reveals himself back Captain America: Soldier of Cold. This was Bucky’s first appearance after falling off a train Captain America: The First Avenger. But for anyone who knows the character, it was natural to see what’s coming. Sebastian Stan would eventually sign a multi-picture deal with Marvel. His next show is after the Disney + series The falcon and the winter soldier.

After falling off the train in Captain America: The First Avenger, Bucky was captured by Hydra. Whenever they needed a mission, they were cryogenically frozen and brought out of the ice. In the history of the MCU, Bucky has been responsible for many high-profile deaths. These include the assassination of Howard Stark and his wife, Maria Stark, as well as US President John F. Kennedy.

How to become a Bucky Winter Soldier?

At the end of Civil war, We see Steve Rogers take Bucky to Wakanda, where Bucky goes into the snow again. When Steve asks if he’s sure about it, Bucky says that he can’t trust his mind. So until the stuff is cleared in his head, “going back is the best thing … for everyone.” book The Wakanda Files: A Technological Discovery of the Avengers and Beyond Reflects anecdotes of T’Challa’s talented younger sister Shuri about Bucky’s mental state. He is broad,

“An EEG on Barnes described how her brain was damaged. Hydra’s Winter Soldier program subjected Barnes to electroconvulsive therapy, which then activated a brain soup knot using suggestive keywords and phrases, including several Could have taken years. “According to him, Hyde exposed Barnes Gamma radiation (Using Tesseract’s energy) to enhance your physique.

However, all this was blocked for a moment when he met his best friend, Steve Rogers. According to Shuri, ‘their shared memories drove out memory centers, bringing pieces of their past lives’. This emotional arousal, however, is the only way to keep Bucky’s mental conditioning at bay. But the captain is no longer here. And there is a possibility of waves forming again.

Shuri does not announce that the Winter Soldier is gone from Bucky’s mind.

So if Bucky isn’t really hydra free, then The falcon and the winter soldier Will show us some eventful things in Zemo’s presence!

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