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‘Line of Duty’ is in the works for season 6 and it was no surprise after the mass viewership it received in season 5.

A ah Season 5 Finale of ‘Duty of Line’ was watched by 13.5m viewers In the UK and they are eagerly awaiting the next segment. The good news is that the sixth season of BBC Police drama is already going on. The epidemic has disturbed the shooting, but We have more details in the upcoming season. Here we know everything, especially for you, especially if you just can’t wait to find out what is AC-12 Will be until next

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  • ‘Duty of Line’ Season 6 Casting Update
  • Who is the next guest in the upcoming season of Duty Line of Duty?
  • Season 6 update of ‘Line of Duty’
  • ‘Line of Duty’ Season 6 Release Date

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‘Duty of Line’ Season 6 Casting Update

Martin Compston (Steve Arnot), Adrian Dunbar (Ted Hastings), and Vicky McClure (Kate Fleming) The series are regular and everyone is confirmed to return for the next season. Jade Mercurio, writer, and listener are also on the board. We can expect many twists and turns in the new season, As Mercurio is writing, and to keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The cast of ‘Line of Duty’ reunited in late November in a pub where we heard that Compton was already joking about Steve’s infamous waistcoat!

Line of duty season 6 released

Who is the next guest in Season 6 of ‘Line of Duty’?

Every season, the anti-corruption team investigates a new character. This time, it’s Joan Davidson’s turn Detective Chief Inspector played by Scottish actor Kelly Macdonald. His unorthodox demeanor casts doubt on AC-12, although he is described “Senior investigating officer of an unsolved murder”.

“DCI Jonan Davidson will prove to have faced the most mysterious AC-12 ever”,

Mercurio claimed.

This is a huge statement, especially if you are familiar with the performances of previous guest stars such as Kylie Hayes and Thandie Newton. Kelly Macdonald is known for her big CV appearances and numerous films such as ‘Trainspotting’ and ‘Gosford Park’. She is also famous among the youth for her role as Helena Ravenklav Harry potter Chain. In addition, she is the voice of Merida in Disney’s ‘Brave’, which makes her a Disney princess. She is playing the role of a police detective in the already stylish BBC drama ‘Giri / Haji’.

Season 6 update of ‘Line of Duty’

The Coronavirus epidemic halted production of the show in March 2020. But the crew resumed filming in early September when the ban was lifted. Currently, they are still busy shooting. Sharing his excitement after the film debuted, Mercurio is busy posting several BTS shots on his Twitter.

‘Line of Duty’ Season 6 Release Date

The Radio Times confirmed in November 2020 that Season 6 would finally hit our screens in March 2021. Four months is not bad, given that fans have been waiting for over a year now, but exact dates have still not been confirmed. Until the official announcement, Mercurio is keeping us guessing with a sneeze of action on his social media. Everyone of the show’s devoted fans know it’s always worth the wait for Mercurio’s trademark drama. The upcoming season of ‘Line of Duty’ will be no less.

Video courtesy: Comic Relief: Red Nose Day

Let us know if you are excited to see ‘Line of Duty’ season 6. Write us about this series in the comment box below.

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