Release Schedule for Kemono Zehen Episodes 1-12 – Anime News and Facts

Winter 2021 has officially debuted and is airing all together with several big titles, such as Promised Neverland, SK8 the Infinity, and Sales at Work: Black. But one anime that everyone is excited about is definitely Chemo Jihen.

If you are a fan of supernatural anime like Running Jujutsu kassen, Bleach, blue Exorcist, Then you should definitely check out Camano Jihen Anime.

The series will be animated Ajia-Doo Animation Studio With Masaya Fujimori as the director, Noboru Kimura series composition and Nozomi Tachibana created the character designs.

It will officially start airing from January 10 And will run for a total of 12 episodes. Although with multiple anime airing during the same season, it is difficult to maintain each of them and their release dates and times.

So we prepared it Komono Jihen Episode Release Schedule Which will let you know that the next episode will be revealed.

Kimono jihen episode release schedule

Episode list Release date
Chapter 1 10 January 2021
episode 2 January 17, 2021
Episode 3 January 24, 2021
Episode 4 January 31, 2021
Episode 5 7 February, 2021
Episode 6 14 February, 2021
Episode 7 February 21, 2021
Episode 8 February 28, 2021
Episode 9 March 7, 2021
Episode 10 March 14, 2021
Episode 11 March 21, 2021
Episode 12 March 28, 2021

Where to look online?

Funimation Is streaming the anime series in its original Japanese dub with English subtitles. For audiences in Australia, they can catch the series at Animalab. In addition, the series will run for 12 episodes from January 10, 2021 to March 28, 2021. A new episode in the anime will be released every Sunday at 10:00 pm (JST).

When Wemll Kemono Jihen will dub EnglishFiles?

As of writing, the English dub of Kemono Zehen has not yet been confirmed, but knowing that Funimation is streaming the show, which is famous for its fast-produced simuldub, it is relatively safe to say that a The English dub will be announced very soon.

About Camano Jihen

Komono Jihan is a manga series written and illustrated by Thanedar Amoto published in Shueisha’s Jump Square magazine since December 2016.

The plot of Cayman Jihen is as follows:

Camano Jihen Volume 1 Cover

“When a series of carcasses of rotting animals begin to appear after a night in a remote mountain village, a detective in Tokyo specializing in the Gupta period is called to investigate.

While working at Case, he befriends a strange boy, who works in the farm every day instead of going to school. Shocked by his teammates and nicknamed “Dorota-Gul” after a yokai, who lives in the mud, he helps Inugami uncover the truth behind the murders – but supernatural forces are at work, and while Dorota- Baul is just a nickname, it can’t be just talk about a guy who is not human. “

Well thats all for today. We will keep you updated on the release schedule of Kemono Jihen and any news related to the episode Air Dates. Meanwhile, read our Recommendation article on 6 anime, like the diary of our days at the Breakfast Club And Yashheim anime release schedule.

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