Revi Loso: Model Net Worth, Personal Life, Career and More

Ravi Loso is a model and dancer. She rose to fame after appearing in Drake’s Hotline Bling music video. However, rumors and news started circulating after being spotted at Kendall’s birthday party with Drake. The rumors were about the relationship between Drake and Ravi. In addition, many people speculated on dating him. This is unconfirmed so far and like every celebrity rumor, it can also be untrue. She is an American model and has also worked as a dancer. He also has a lot of followers on his social media account. Ravi has over 3.2 million followers on his Instagram account.

Childhood and early life

Model Revie Loso was born on 20 May 1990 in Illinois, USA. Both her father and mother belong to US nationality. He has a younger sister. Ravi attended her college in Texas, where she grew up. There is not much information about his childhood anywhere.

Personal life and career

Ravi Loso took up a career in modeling and became an instant hit due to his attractive body. However, he gained fame after being seen in Drake’s music video. After this he had a huge fan following on social media. Meanwhile, she also worked as a foreign dancer at a club in Georgia. Recently, she started her own clothing line called Sweet Blood Apparel. It was started as an initiative to teach young girls to appreciate their bodies and feel confident wearing them.

However, with all this, things escalated when she went to Kendall’s 20th birthday party with Drake. There were rumors regarding the two and they were dating. However, we do not know if this is true.

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What is Ravi Loso’s total assets?

Ravi Loso is 30 years old and is expected to be around $ 5 million at this age. As popularity increases, he is expected to earn more. So far his salary ranges from 10000 USD to 500000 USD.

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