Review: Ammoru Thalli – TheMiracleTech

2.5/ 5

2 times 14 mens | Disney Hot Star | 14-11-2020

cast – Nayantara, RJ Balaji, Urvashi, Molly, Ajay Ghosh, and others

Director – RJ Balaji, NJ Saravanan

the creator – Of Isheri. Ganesha

Banner – Wells film international

music – Mr. Girish

Ammoru Thalli is the Telugu dubbed version of Mukuti Amman (Mukkupudaka Ammavaru) with Nayantara in the lead role. It is a fictional comedy directed by RJ Balaji and NJ Saravanan.

What is it about

Engels Ramasamy (Balaji) is a small-time news reporter in a village. He is the only bread earner of his family consisting of six people. She has been rejected by more than a dozen girls due to her financial status. He seeks the blessings of Mukkupudaka Ammavaru (Nayantara) to get him out of the crisis. Devi asks him for a bridesmaid in return! She asks him to make him famous like Tirupati Balaji. What is the reason behind his strange request?


Nayantara was not even asked to dye her golden hair to play the role of a goddess. All she has to do is to look divine and confident as a goddess. He is not comfortable doing this. RJ Balaji is fine in the role of a commoner, but he drowns in some comedic scenes. Urvashi stole the show from her comic timing. Ajay Ghosh’s performance is uneven. Molly is fine


The direction is strictly average. The director duo lost control of the narrative after the intermission. The scenes in which the protagonist brings a fake Godman are not sufficiently convincing. Even comedy scenes are not always on point. Some are really hilarious and some are absolutely silly. Technically the film is fine with a good background score, cinematography and production design. Editing could have been better. Production values ​​are fine.


Satire dramas targeting fake gods are not new to cinema. Movies like PK have raised the bar for such concepts. RJ Balaji’s Ammoru Thali tries to keep it simple and takes the message home, not taking it too seriously. The initial setup is fun with Urvashi in top form. The film goes on at a good pace until Nayantara enters the scene. It entertains us despite a couple of top comedy scenes until the actual comedy starts.

The main theme of the film is to target fake religious people who are occupying thousands of acres of land for their ashrams. This is where Ammoru Talli starts sliding. There is not a single effective scene when the hero attacks Baba in the second half. Excerpts in which the news reporter exposes fake babas lack effectiveness. RJ Balaji filled this part with many clichéd scenes and he could not even deal with it in a funny manner.

The first half of Ammoru Thalli has some genuinely funny moments and good dialogue, while the second half is filled with clichéd drama that restricts the film to be a tightly average fare. All things considered, this is a fine watch for the TheMiracleTech audience, but is likely to be a much better film. RJ Balaji should have worked hard in exposing the fake Gods and focused more on his methods behind the scenes.

Ammoru Thali is not boring like the recent TheMiracleTech films, but it is also not a thoroughly entertaining one. This is a satirical satire that only works in parts, which you can stream at your leisure.

Bottom line: Average Ammoru!

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