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2/ 5

12 mins. Aha | 21-11-2020

cast – Payal Rajput, Chaitanya Krishna, Veena Sundar, Anand Chakrapani, Venu, and others

Director – Dayal padmanabhan

the creator – Raja Ramamurthy, Chidambaram Natesan

Banner – Trend loud

music – Arrol Corelli

Angnaga O Athidhi is a remake of the critically acclaimed Kannada film Aa Karla Ratri. This thriller drama is currently running on Aha.

What is it about

Mallika (Payal) is a dull girl who is deeply disappointed by her poor upbringing and not getting married at the right age. A stranger claiming to be a nomadic (Chaitanya Krishna) comes to Mallika’s house and requests her family to let her stay there for one night. Until he reveals that he has a suitcase full of money and gold.


Payal Rajput again played the role of a young woman with gray shades. She has excelled at showing her character’s frustrations, but may perform better in later parts of the film. Chaitanya Krishna is credible as a stranger. Veena Sundar’s performance is quite impressive and Anand Chakrapani played without any fuss.


Dayal Padmanabhan is the original director in Kannada which was well received by critics. The film is based on a play and the director did well to set up the play. However, it seems that much has been lost in translation. The cinematography is clean with light and framing. The music is consistent with the plot of the film. Lalijo and Maya songs are good. Production values ​​are fine.


The story is based on a stage play, which is why most of the story is set in one place. The initial parts are repeatedly boring with Payal who repeatedly tries to express his inner desires and frustrations. Things do not get better even after Chaitanya’s character enters the house. The play begins when Payal’s character becomes greedy and she tries to rob a stranger of his cash.

Some of the major scenes have gained considerable convenience and cinematic freedom to work. The main characters are intentionally sent away so that Payal and his mother can execute their evil plan. Many scenes are drawn back and forth with some gleeful dialogues that will be found on one’s nerves. Even for a limited star cast, some characters seem unnecessary. For example, the blind man’s character does not add anything to the play.

The entire film relies on a twist of climax that can be estimated from a mile away. The revelation scene could have been the least effective, but it fails to make the desired effect as it turns out in the most disappointing way. It has a strong message, but a leisurely script is the main drawback. For a film that only has ninety minutes, Anganaga O Athidhi seems too long and tedious.

A strict script with minimal interaction could have helped it score better marks.

Bottom Line: This authority needs better treatment!

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