Review: Middle Class Melodies – TheMiracleTech

2.75/ 5

2 hours 15 minutes. Amazon 20 November 2020

cast – Anand Devarakonda, Varsha Bolamma, Chaitanya Garikapati, Divya Shripad, Goparaju Raman and others

Director – Vinod Anantoju

the creator – V. Anand Prasad

Banner – Bhavya Creations

music – Sweekar agasthi

While mid-range films starring big names are patiently waiting for the business to be restored, low-budget films are queued up on TheMiracleTech platforms. Middle Class Melodies is the latest Telugu film to go digital.

What is it about

Raghav (Anand) wants to open a hotel in Guntur as he believes that Bombay chutney will make him famous. He is in love with his cousin Sandhya (Varsha), but he cannot dare to approach his father until he succeeds in life. Raghav’s father (Raman) is a typical middle class man who is initially reluctant to support his son as he fears failure. Raghav opens a hotel, but realizing it is not as easy as he thought to succeed in the food business.


Anand is the middle-class boy next door. His performance is better than his first film, but he needs to improve a lot. He did not make much effort to play the role of Guntur boy as the strong accent of Telangana is still very noticeable. Varsha Bolamma is lovely and her expressive eyes tell a lot. Goparaju Raman as Anand’s father is the highlight of the film. Every scene in which he is stunned. It is easily one of the most entertaining performances in recent times. Chaitanya is good as Anand’s close friend. Divya Shripad is impressive, but does not get much screen time.


Vinod Anantoju focused on creating moments rather than storytelling. The film is deliberately named Middle Class Melodies. The humor is successful in taking out natural characters and creating life like situations. However, the storyline is too thin for you to invest more than two hours. Some scenes have too many gaps that last for minutes together. Janardhan Pasumanthi shines as a dialogue writer, keeping it simple and realistic. The background score is good but the songs could have been better. Cinematography is neat. Production values ​​are good.


Middle Class Melodies is about the small things of ordinary middle class life. The story is set in Guntur and revolves around Bombay chutney (a recipe made from gram flour). We expect the film to focus on the hero’s dream of running a successful Tiffin Center, but there is more to it. As the title suggests, it provides a glimpse into the everyday lives of characters who are believable.

The protagonist feels that his chutney is the greatest, but he does not realize that it is nothing special until he has acquired a secret item. His friend feels that he owns a small mobile phone shop in his village. He suffers from an extent horoscope, where he falls in love with the girl he loves because their coils do not match. There is a sequence of events that make him realize his mistake.

There is a subtle satire on the roller coaster ride of emotions that a middle-class family passes and falls as a piece of land price and then rises again. This reminds us of the middle class landowners in the Amravati region. The film never overdoses anything and keeps it simple without overboarding emotions and humor. Even the hero’s success is not celebrated. The director ended the film by showing that there is no end to the daily fight of middle class people to survive.

There are some scenes that are completely enjoyable, but there are also sequences that keep dragging on forever. The second half of the film is tedious with repetitive scenes. The threads of romance are underdeveloped and limited to the background. The film is unnecessarily dragged on despite the obvious ending. On a fun note there is a deliberate attempt to end it with a sequence where Tharun Bhaskar makes a cameo appearance. All in all, it is a charming little film that has its moments.

Bottom line: all about the middle class!

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