Review: Mother Vinata Gadha Vinuma – TheMiracleTech

2.25/ 5

101 Mins | Aha | 14-11-2020

cast – Sidhu Jonalgadda, Sirat Kapoor, Tanikela Bharani, Pragati, Rajeshwari Nair, Kalpika Ganesh, Kamal Kamaraju, and others

Director – Aditya Mandla

the creator – Sanjay Reddy, Anil Pallala, Keerthi Chilukuri, G. Sunita

Banner – Aha unique, silly monk

music – Rohit – Joy, Sri Charan Pakala

Sidhu is one of the better films to be released through Jonalgadda’s Krishna and his Leela digital platform. His recent film Maa Vidha Gadha Vinuma was also going to give a hilarity like his previous TheMiracleTech film. But MVGV becomes a major disappointment with the pointless script and monotonous narrative.

What is it about

Siddu is madly in love with Vineeta (Sirat), who opposes her feelings. However, things get ugly when they marry in a married state. The marriage video goes viral resulting in the breakdown of their relationship as well as the engagement of Vinita’s brother.


Sidhu keeps it as simple as ever and he knows what works with his target audience. He did well to complete them, but the self-written script disappointed him. Serat Kapoor looked very strange in this film compared to his earlier days. His performance is just fine. Kamal Kamaraju and Kalpika did well as the second pair. Tanikela Bharani has got an important role after a very long time and the stalwarts are in their elements. Pragati and Fish Venkat are seen among others.


Aditya Mandla’s instruction is strictly average. His direction is very flat and lifeless except for a few scenes. Of course, he himself is abandoned due to the weak script written by the protagonist. Being a director, he should have identified deficiencies and corrected them before putting them up for streaming.

Most of the songs are played in the background and no one makes the song strong. However, the background score is impressive. Cinematography is decent despite low production values. The dialogues are good in parts. However, there are far too many exiles who are thrown into the conversation aimlessly.


Sidhu Jonalgadda only had an idea to work with and did not put any thought into writing as he tried to weave a story around it. The film is about how a viral video can shatter the lives of those who are in and relate to it. Sidhu worked hard to create this wafer-thin plot with a screenplay that goes back and forth all the time. He could not hide the script’s turmoil despite all the gimmick. There is no scene that stands out throughout the first half dedicated to establishing a love story between the lead pair.

Sidhu appears to have set a lot of expectations on the viral video episode, but it did not go as expected. The video found itself very vulgar without any viral elements. Sidhu still tries the narration method back and forth in the second half and this time he doesn’t even have a story to keep the audience interested. The Second Half is about the breakup and reunion of lovers separated due to viral videos.

Sidhu strongly believes that having cuss words and kissing scenes will attract the attention of youth. His previous film has an honesty in his approach to contemporary romance. MVGV completely fails to make a connection with the audience and goes from bad to worse as it progresses. The message is praiseworthy, but the way it is told is absolutely disappointing. If the love story had been well written, it would have worked to an extent, but the script of Kami continued to drag it throughout.

Bottom Line: #fail

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