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When the writers of ‘Homeland’ killed Quinn (Rupert Friend) on the show, the fans were exceptionally flared.

Who can forget after Quinn’s death on ‘Homeland’? Even Brody’s death did not result from such a reaction. #NotOurHomeland, An online group to launch a website and campaign against the authors’ decision. Let’s have a look What happened to quinn and what happened after she was killed.


  • Peter Quinn became a fan favorite on ‘Homeland’
  • Outrage after Quinn’s death in Homeland

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How Peter Quinn became a favorite on ‘Homeland’

“Hollywood reporterIn January 2020, the report revealed how the show’s producers and producers revealed how the fight over Peter Quinn’s body had parallels with Brody’s murder. As viewers recall, Quinn almost left after gasping in Season 5. But, around that time, the writers asked Friend to write a letter in Quinn’s character. And the letter moved everyone so much that they decided to keep Quinn alive, Gansa said “new York Times”In 2018.

Homeland Quinn dies

According to the makers of the show Fox 21, Quinn had become a fan favorite – especially women. (They like Quinn “more than Brody”, one told THR.) The writers of ‘Homeland’ also loved Quinn. Leslie Linka Glutter, who directed 25 episodes of the show, counted herself among Quinn’s biggest fans.

Rupert said “Hollywood reporter“,

“Leslie once told me that she is the perfect person.”

To this statement, Rupert replies to Leslie that Quinn kills people for money. Such was his popularity that some viewers did not want to let him go, even after some rough season 6 of Quinn.

Outrage after Quinn’s death

The “Not Our Homeland” gang took out a full-page Hollywood Reporter ad in 2017. Remembering this, we can understand the amount of despair over Quinn’s death. The ad also mentions Carrie’s character development and other options by the show’s writers. Regardless of the other writers who laughed it off, Alex gans Thoughtfully responded. He was charged with absurdly portraying Quinn’s conflicts with the PTSD.

To which he responded with compassion “Hollywood reporter“,

“I as someone mourn the loss of Peter Quinn and was created not to discredit the character but to honor the men and women who dedicate their lives to keeping America safe”.

“In my eyes [Quinn] A hero died. “ According to Sharpner, he saved the lives of the president and the show’s main character when he died. According to fans, it is hard to argue that Quinn did not go out in style. We can only say that a great show like ‘Homeland’ failed to please everyone.

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