Rianna Conner Carpenter: How did the military star rise to fame?

Rianna Conner Carpenter is an American Marine Veteran, interestingly also known as ‘Combat Barbie’. However, she became a social media sensation with photos of her models and military uniforms and lingerie. She wants to promote both positivity and love for her country with her posts. Rianna is an inspiration to all girls who think they are “soft” for the military. Being a model and a sergeant is a rare combination, but Riana has shown us all we want to be. Her life is a series of efforts and hard work. Read on to know more about this stunning model who has also worked for the country.

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Personal life and career

Rianna Conner Carpenter was born in California and decided to join the US Navy at a very young age. In an interview, she mentioned her reason for joining the US Navy because it scared her. Riana said that she never wanted to regret thinking what could have happened if she had joined the Navy and shot her. He said that joining the Navy helped him become stronger and fearless. She rose to the position of Sergeant after two announcements of honorable service.

The name “Combat Barbie” was also assigned to her as a Sergeant because of her feminine character. It was given to him by his colleagues and he is still referred to by name. However, she is proud of her achievements to date and says that joining the Navy has boosted her confidence. Rianna has served in San Diego, California, and was stationed in Afghanistan in 2012. After her service in the US Navy, she has now become a model. She does modeling for companies such as Playboy, Maxim, Habit and Taboo. He has 960k followers on Instagram. Her account is filled with burning photographs of her in military attire and lingerie.

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