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Hey all! I got many comments on previous os to post more os! So here is the next one! It is completely based on how are punjabi weddings as I am a Punjabi and many people don’t know the exact fun of punjabi weddings so decided to write one! I am writing from the wedding day morning!Mehandi,sangeet is already done! And haldi is done in morning of the wedding day only!
Vansh’s POV:
Today is my marriage day!! I can’t wait to marry my Riddhima!! We are in relationship since 5 years and today the day came!! I was lost in my thoughts when mom knocked the door. She came to me. She was having tears in her eyes.
Me: mom why are you crying.
Uma: today is your marriage!! My son..I am not crying these are happy tears!! I am really happy to see my son whom I taught how to walk is getting married.
I hugged her.
Uma: now withe down let’s start the rituals!
Author’s pov:
Uma took vansh down. They completed the ritual of tying sehras or something (actually I don’t know much about this ritual as I have never went to  this ritual function in my family weddings😂).
At Riddhima’s home:
Riddhima and her family were performing the ritual of chooda. This is done by bride’s mother’s brother(mama).
Riddhima and her mom(aastha) were crying.
Aastha: my daughter is getting married! How will I live without you.(crying)
Riddhima hugs her.
Aayush(Riddhima’s dad): I will miss my princess.
He kisses on her forehead.
Riddhima was made to sit and close her eyes. Chooda was being wore to her. Then a cloth was tied on her chooda and she was allowed to open her eyes. Everyone in her family congratulated her. They all started dancing.
Tu ho gayi one to two

Oh kudiye what to do

Oh ho gayi munde di

Tu turu turu ru.

Patangaan vargi

Tu ainvai udd di

Oh ho gayi munde di

Tu turu turu turu

Heellan de chaldi, Tuk tuk tu kardi

Make up tu kardi yaar

Angrezi padhdi, git-pit tu kardi

Your queen saddi Victoria

Tu ghanti big ben di

Poora London thumakda

Oh jaddo nachche pehn di

Poora London thumakda ..

Yes .. Yes ..

They all retired to their rooms as there was haldi after one hour. Riddhima and vansh got ready.


At VR mansion:

Vansh came downstairs and sat on the stool. Everyone came and applied haldi to him. Ishani and sia drenched vansh in haldi. Angre and aryan too applied haldi to his whole body and clothes. They all enjoyed. They danced. Angre came to vansh. (Angre is already married to Ishani)
Angre: bhai I am telling you.. don’t get married.. these girls make us their puppets.
Vansh laughs.
Angre : I am warning you.
He plays the song:
Jiski shaadi par jaana, usko itna samjhana
Na kar shaadi, yeh barbaadi, phir na pacchtaana
Haan mauka hai pagle, shaadi se bachle
Samjha le dil ko yeh shaadi ko machle
Shaadi ke mandap se tu khud ko bhaga, haan baga
Zor ka jhatka haye zoron se laga, haan laga.
Vansh glares him and then laughs.
At Riddhima’s house:
Everyone apply haldi to Riddhima. They all were crying including Riddhima.
Akshay(Riddhima’s brother): my di is getting married..now how will I tease you ?(tears)
Riddhima: aww my cute brother.
She hugs him.
Kirti(Riddhima’s sister): you forgot me di..(tears)
Three of them share a group hug.
Riddhima and vansh take a bath. Riddhima goes to aastha. She keeps her head on her lap. Aastha cares for her. She cries.
Riddhima: mom today is my last day at my home.
Aastha: yes this home and we all will miss you a lot.
She hugs her. Riddhima takes a nap and goes to parlour to get ready. Vansh also starts to get ready.
Riddhima got ready. She was looking the most beautiful bride. She danced in the parlour.(almost every girl dances😂). Vansh calls her.
On call:
Vansh: hello sweetheart!
Riddhima: hello!
Vansh: sweetheart today we are getting married. Now you can’t escape from me.
Riddhima: shut up! Here I am crying and you just want to flirt.
Vansh: why ?? Why are you crying??
Riddhima: you don’t know na..you are a boy but girls have to leave their home after marriage. I have to leave my parents.
Vansh: don’t worry we will go there daily. It is only 10 minutes away from VR mansion.
She laughs. They cut the call. Riddhima and her family reach wedding destination. After some time baraat arrives. Vansh comes on ghodi (horse). All the family members of vansh dance a lot on dhol beats and come inside. (Hamare yaha toh 1 ghanta baarat ko andar aane mein hi lag jaata hai🙂😂😂. Itna naachte hai🙂😂😂).
Riddhima’s cousin sister , cousin brothers , Akshay , kirti and her friends tie the ribbon at the entrance. Kirti took the aarti plate in her hand. Some members of vansh’s family went inside the hall but groom can’t. So siya, Ishani,angre,Aryan and some of vansh’s friends stayed with vansh to support him.(actually the groom can’t come inside till he gives money to bride’s sisters 😂. The ritual is called ribbon cutting).
Kirti: jiju..money ..
Vansh: tell your demands.
Kirti: 51000 (ham logo to shuru ho isse karte hai shaadiyon par par milte to nahi hai🙂😂😂).
Aryan: we will not give more than 51 rupees.(this is what we get on demanding the money🙂😂😂)
Kirti: ok then you can’t come inside. Bye bye!
Ishani: are be happy na all of you!! We are giving you all 51 rupees.
Akshay: we want 51000.
Ishani: 51 rupees.
Akshay: 51000.
Raisinghanias: 51 rupees.
Riddhima’s family: 51000.
They continue their fight.
Aryan: give us swipe machine. We will give you your money.
Kirti: no way!!
They fight for a while more. Then elders come.
Uma: beta..muhrat Is going to end!! Do fast you all.
Kirti: but mom..we want money..
Elders make them understand. (hume bhi manna padta hai varna dulhe ko to loot le🙂😂😂😂)
Vansh: ok deal done..we will give 5100.
All(sad): ok!!
Vansh handovers them the money. Kirti offers him gulab jamun.
Aryan: no don’t eat bhai..
Kirti: shut up!! This is a ritual.
Angre: bhai I am telling you don’t eat it..you know what they would have mixed. First you all eat then bhai will eat.
Vansh: we can’t waste more time.
Kirti makes him eat it. Vansh’s facial expressions change.
Vansh: what the hell!
Riddhima’s cousins laugh.
Kirti: we mixed salt in it. The ritual is to mix salt or chilli. See we had pity on you and mixed salt not chilli.(humne to bhar bhar ke daala tha namak🙂😂😂).
Kirti gives scissors to vansh. Vansh cuts the ribbon and they enter inside. Cameraman take the photographs. Vansh was taken to stage. He sat on the sofa. After a while Riddhima came out. Her brothers were holding the chadar. She was coming in the shelter of that. Her sisters were accompanying her. As she enters song plays:

Din shagna da chadheya
Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya

Mera sajna mileya
Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni saajan doli leke aauna
Ni vehra sajeya

Mera sajna mileya
Sorry mileya
Unfortunately mileya haan ..

Wo ho…

Din shagna da chadheya
Aao sakhiyon ni vehra sajeya

Mera sajna mileya
Sajna milan vadhaiyan
Ni sajan doli leke auna
I’m sorry
Vansh was adoring her. Photographers were clicking her pictures. Then the song changes. Kirti handovers her Googles and Akshay handovers her a umbrella. Riddhima starts dancing:
Hai wo handsome sona sabse
Mere dil ko gaya le kar
Meri neend chura li usne
Aur khwab gaya dekar
Hai wo handsome sona sabse
Mere dil ko gaya le kar
Meri neend chura li usne
Aur khwab gaya dekar
Ab ye naina bole yaar
Bole yehi lagataar
Koi chaahe kitna roke karungi pyar.
You are a superstar
O Mere Saiyaan superstar
Main fan hui unki
You are a superstar
You are a superstar
O Mere Saiyaan superstar
Main fan hui unki
You are a superstar.
Vansh was smiling. The song changes. Vansh comes down the stage. The both dance on jeene laga hoon.
Jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga Hoon…

Main Mera Dil Aur Tum Ho Yahaan…
Phir Kyun Ho Palkein Jhukayein Wahan…
Tum Sa Haseen Pehle Dekha Nahin…
Tum Isse Pehle The Jane Kahaan…

Jeene laga hoon pehle se zyada
Pehle Se Zyada Tum Pe Marne Laga…

Then they both go to the stage. Photographers click their photos. All family members of vansh and Riddhima come turn by turn to get their photos clicked with the couple. All the members Then danced on dj. Raisinghanias danced on veere di wedding. Then riansh had food with the whole family in the food court. After that phera ritual was there. Riansh came and sat down there. Vansh removed his shoes. As soon as he removed his shoes,kirti took it and ran to hide it.(this is also a ritual called joota chupai😂😂).
The pheras were performed by riansh. Vansh made Riddhima wear the nuptial chain and filled sindoor in her vermillion. They were finally married. Then vansh came down.
Vansh(shock): where are my shoes?
All started laughing.
Kirti: jiju give money and take your shoes.
Akshay: and now we won’t take less than 11000.
Aryan: bhai I will buy you new shoes in 200 rupees. Don’t give 11000 rupees.
Vansh: but how will I go home now.
Riddhima: vansh give the money!!
Vansh: but sweetheart!
Riddhima: vansh it’s a ritual !!
Ishani,Aryan and sia came to fight for shoes with kirti,Akshay and some of Riddhima’s cousins. They start singing:

Dulhe kie saaliyon oh hare dupatte waliyon
Dulhe kie saaliyon oh hare dupatte waliyon
Joote de do, paise him
Joote de do, paise him

Dulhan ke devar tum dikhlao na yoon tevar
Dulhan ke devar tum dikhlao na yoon tevar
Paise de do, joote lo
Paise de do, joote lo

Joote do, paise lo
Joote do, paise lo
Aji note gino ji, joote lao
Zid chhodo jee, joote lao
Fraud hain kya hum, tum hi jaano
Akdu ho tum, jo ​​bhi maano
Jo bhi maano, jo bhi maano

(I literally love this song 😂😂).

Vansh: ok ok don’t fight now!! I am giving the money to my saalis(sister in laws)

He takes out a envelope of 11000 rupees and give it to kirti. They all were happy. Now it was vidai time. Riddhima was crying. Aastha,Aayush ,Akshay and kirti were also crying. She filled her hands with rice and was throwing them at back. (It’s a ritual in vidai time). Riddhima was crying a lot. Vansh was consoling her. They sat in the doli and left.


Hope you all like this one!! This one is completely on punjabi weddings. I know this is a long one but please do comment your reviews. It took me a lot of time to write this one. And yes riansh ki shaadi mein maza aaya na?😂😂

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