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new Delhi, Jan 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Plastic Export Promotion Council India (PLEXCONCIL), the top trade body for plastic exports sponsored by the Union Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government India, Announced the appointment of Sh. Arvind Goenka (M / s. RMG Polyvinyl India Limited) Chairman and Sh. Hemant Minocha (M / s. Rajiv Plastics Pvt. Ltd.) as the Vice Chairman among other functionaries of its newly constituted committee (COA) after the recently held AGM.

The Regional President is as follows: Regional President West – Sh. Saurabh Kalani (M / s. FlexTuff Ventures International Limited. Regional President Ex – Min. Prasan Lohia (M / s Merino Industries Ltd.); Regional Chairman South – Mr. YV Raman (Messrs. POCL Enterprises Limited); And Regional President Answer – Sh. Vikram Bhadauria (Messrs. Alok Musalbach Private Limited). The panel chairperson is: Mr. Jagdish Gupta (M / s. Stylam Industries Ltd.) – Panel Chairman Floor covering, Leather cloth and laminate; Mr. Pradip Thakkar (M / s. Makemaco Industries) – Chairman of the panel FRP Products; Mr. Dhruv Sayani (M / s. Crystal Plastics & Metallizing Pvt. Ltd.) – Chairman of Panel Consumer and Houseware; Mr. Benjamin Cherian (M / s. Raj Hair International P.L.D.) – Panel President Human Hair and Related Products; Shri Vimalchand Rathore (M / s Flair Pen & Plastic Industries Pvt. Ltd.) – Panel Chair Writing Instruments; Mr. Rajeev Chitalia (M / s. Electrofocus Electricals Private Limited) – Panel Speaker Miscellaneous Products; Mr. P. Mohan (M / s. Sakti Polymer) – Panel Speaker Pipe and Fitting; And Dr. SS Rajapathak (M / s Garware Technical Fibers Limited) – Chairman of the panel Cordage & Fishnets.

Mr. Arvind Goenka, President, PLEXCONCIL, Said, “Plastic is probably one of the most versatile products and is increasingly used in a wide range of applications. We request the government to formulate an attractive PLI plan to boost polymer production and become AtmaNirbhar. PLI planning is very important to enable investment in plant and machinery and to increase their capacity. Supported by strong government support-planned investment of support 50 million USD, 10 plastic parks with state-of-the-art infrastructure are being set up to promote scientific development for domestic production, employment and to achieve. “He has made it our mission to focus on the council’s primary objective of expanding its membership in the 50,000 strong processing industry manifold if we have achieved our goal,” he said. US $ 25 billion aim. We have also identified 50 distinct product groups that have immense export potential. The Council will provide its members with reliable information about the export markets through participation in B2B exhibitions, seminars, foreign exhibitions as well as the establishment of warehouses and permanent exhibitions in the markets. America And Europe. “

Talking about the key priorities, Mr. Goenka said, “PLEXCONCIL is of the view that RoDTEP rates for plastic products should be fixed in line with MEIS rates. Indian processors are not at the game level when comparing our cost of production achieved by our rivals in the ASEAN region. Logistics is a very integral part of the export cost for plastic processors and should be reduced in line with the global average to boost our competitiveness. Logistic cost and electricity cost are very high India Compared to NEA countries. Export units are either offered a reasonable rate or a reasonable RoDTEP rates are fixed to partially compensate for the additional costs. Free trade agreements need to be reorganized to promote plastic exports. Of India Plastic is mainly exported Europe, North America And Wana region; And we urge the government to enter into a trade agreement with these regions / countries to increase opportunities and recognition for Indian manufactured products in these regions. “

Members of PLEXCONCIL have suggested that the government should reduce the lead time for refunds (MEIS / GST) for exporters; Restore GSPs and sign an FTA specifically with major export destinations United States; Increase in drawback rate; Simplify manufacturing and customs laws; Improvement in import clearance assessment system; And will work towards improving the Ease of Doing Business India.

Regarding free trade agreements, Mr. Goenka thought that India Is losing out on exports Value added plastic goods To export to America, Due to free trade agreements, the UK, WANA regions and even ASEAN & SAARC are not getting benefits under the FTA because they were not negotiating in favor of exporting plastic goods. Rather they favor NIL or the import of finished plastic at highly preferential rates. Import share from India In the case of Britain less than 2% America And less than 1% in the case of EU-27 and ASEAN. Share Belongs to africa Imports are 4% and for plastic goods with SAARC only 15%. It will be their effort to bring it to the knowledge of policy makers and request that the current FTA agreements be negotiated in favor of plastic exports. India And to increase the presence of new agreements should be forged with importing blocks Of India Plastic goods in the world market.

Comparison of value-added plastic imports with plastics
India and the world

Import from world

Import from india

Part of india

US $ million

US $ million

Imported by usa




UK imports

Is 24000



Hat Import by ET-27




Import by ASEAN

Is 44000



Import by WANA

Is 24000



Import by SAARC

3250 is



Profile of Shree Arvind Goenka, President, PLEXCONCIL: Mr. Goenka is the Managing Director of RMG Polyvinyl India Limited Of India Leading manufacturer of PVC flooring, PVC leather and PVC Geomembranes. The business was acquired by his family in the year 2004 and soon became the top exporter of PVC flooring. The company’s products are sold under the brand WonderFlor, which became a household name with its vast marketing and distribution nationwide network. Today the company is producing over 40,000 mt There is goodwill of PVC products and in both domestic and export markets. Mr. Goenka hails from a business family of Goenkas in Rajasthan and his ancestors settled in the state of Bihar in Munger city sometime in the early 1900s, where his grandfather the late Mr. Dewan Bahadur Kedar Nath Nenka was knighted for him by the British. . Charitable services for the community. Their businesses now provide the desired Miracle for such philanthropic work under the “Corporate Social Responsibility” program and activities such as running a charitable hospital, free education in Sanskrit language, free education to students are some of the activities that still uplift them Continue for society. Mr. Goenka is also the secretary of his family charity trust. Right after entering university DelhiAlong with studying in free time, Mr. Goenka will assist his father Shri. Amarnath goenka Acquired management skills and training in and from the family business. He received technical training at his factory India And later at his colleagues’ factory in Germany. Mr. Goenka is assisted in the business by his brother Mr. Amitabh Goenka and he manages the business by delegating authority and responsibility to senior managers who are experts in their fields. He is in the business of manufacturing and exporting PVC flooring and PVC leather. His company produces more than 25 million square meters of flooring annually and does business around 300 million With exports to more than 25 countries including America And Europe. Anti-microbial flooring for healthcare, antikid flooring with silicon carbide for buses and rail coaches, sports flooring for gymnasiums, and roll and planking for residential and commercial applications are manufactured in various specialty products at a nearby factory . new Delhi. The company is a Star Export House and has been the winner of Council’s Top Export Award for PVC flooring since 2005.


Plastic Export Promotion Council (popularly known as PLEXCONCIL) is sponsored by Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Department of Commerce, Govt. IndiaRepresents the export community in the Indian plastics industry. The export incentive strategy developed since 1955, the year PLEXCONCIL was born, received rich dividends, reflected in the high export growth rate. These achievements represent the dedicated efforts of PLEXCONCIL members, who are always in the world markets, based on their resolve to achieve a sense of commitment to satisfy technical excellence, the needs of their customers and their inherent entrepreneurial qualities. Are in the process of creating a niche. . On its part, PLEXCONCIL is committed to supporting the efforts of its members to serve overseas buyers to achieve export excellence and find appropriate trade partners in the Indian plastics industry. To achieve export excellence, PLEXCONCIL undertakes various export promotion activities. These include participation in international trade fairs; Sponsoring delegations to target markets; Inviting business delegations from abroad India; Buyer-seller arrangement is found in both India And overseas etc. and to cater to the needs of its members. The Council also regularly conducts research and surveys, organizes annual awards to recognize top-performing exporters, oversees the development of new technology and shares the same with members, facilitates joint ventures And represents issues as well as cooperation with foreign companies and trade associations. Concerned government bodies are concerned. Products of the Indian plastics industry are exported to more than 150 countries worldwide, with the major trading partners being the European Union, United States of america, China, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arab, Turkey, Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, e.t.c. for more information: http://www.plexconcil.co.in/

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