Rob Font offered to become ‘mentally broken’ TJ Dilshaw’s antagonist

Rob Font is open to welcome TJ Dillashaw, who will soon be eligible to fight again.

Rising bantamweight title contender Rob Font is apparently eager to fight for the throne, and thus sees a path through former division champion TJ Dilshaw. Dopashaw, who is facing a two-year ban for violating doping guidelines, will make his return in 2021.

With the bar set to lift on January 19, 2021, Lieutenant Dahn is in great demand and as of now it seems more than the champion-Petr Yan- bantamweight prospect wants to see Dillashaw at the other end.

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Rob Font Offers to Become TJ Dilshaw’s Comeback Opponent

Jose Aldo, Corey Sandhagen, Dominic Cruz are prominent names wanting to work with TJ Dilshaw, and, apparently, Rob Font is no different. In an interview with Mma junkie, Font put forward his name to welcome Tj Dillashaw and also commented on his potential status.

“I’m not going there and don’t kill this dude,” Font said. “This is what this is. He did what he did. He knows what he did. He has to live. He has to walk knowing that it’s no longer in his system, and it’s going to be big.

“Again, it’s all mental with it, so if you’re putting stuff in your body, you’re mentally broken already,” he continued. “So he must walk on knowing that he is nothing. He is no longer battling and has to fight. I think I am his welcoming boy.”

TJ Dillashaw’s return is one of the most anticipated future events of 2021, and what he will face is a subject of great discussion, which may intensify in the coming days.

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