“Rockets not very good right now”: James Harden quietly answers questions about the state of his business away from Houston.

James Harden said he sought a trade because he felt the Rockets were not good enough to win the NBA title despite their best efforts.

The Rockets delivered a second straight blow to the Lakers on their home court. Neither game was particularly close, but this latest encounter was essentially three and a half quarters of garbage time. The Rockets had no answer either for the Lakers’ defense or for their well-oiled offense.

James Harden could do practically nothing as the Rockets took a 21-point lead from the first quarter break. It was an all-out attack from the Lakers, scoring 71 points in the first half. It was the Lakers’ highest mark this season.

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The Rockets are now starting the season. Coming in 14th, he will have to make a Hercules effort to make the playoffs for the 9th straight season.

James Harden explains why he wants to get away from the Houston Rockets

Speaking to the press at today’s post-game press conference, James Harden kept his issues with the team built around him. His words should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that he has now stepped out of the door a foot:

“Rockets are not very good right now. I love this city. I have literally done everything I can. This situation is crazy. I do not think it can be fixed. Thank you.”

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Harden’s statement reads like a death knell for any hope that the Rockets had with him for another playoff race. It also reveals his trade value now that everyone officially knows he wants out. Rumors will hit a fever pitch in the coming days, where Hearty is finally going to end.

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