Romain Grosgen Crash: Romain Grosgen survived after an explosive collision over obstacles. sport

Romain Grosgen Crash: Is Romain Grosgen OK? The drivers’ car exploded after hitting the barrier, the cause of the explosion was unclear.

The Bahrain Grand Prix began on a note that no one ever wanted, an unfortunate incident with each other after all the cars got mixed up for the first time.

Romain Grosjean lost control of his car after the first turn, climbing from behind, in the process, he collided with Alpha Torrey’s Pierre Gasly, turning him into obstacles.

A large explosion followed, hitting at speeds in excess of 150 km / h. Happily, the French driver survived the accident and came out of his car when he was seen on camera.

His chassis, which was separate from the rear of the car, was burning in flames. Meanwhile, he is rescued by nearby marshals. The Halo measures that were implemented in 2018 seem to be effective in the case.

Grosgen was seen jumping over obstacles, and Alan van der Merwe, the medical car driver, was seen making an unbelievable escape for the 33-year-old driver.

The driver was then seen limping and had to be backed up to safety. On the other hand, the red flag was followed, instructing all cars to go to the pit lanes. Several drivers and staff members were upset after the incident.

What will happen next and Romain Grosgen medical update?

Grosgen was taken in a medical vehicle taken for compulsory medical examination, with immediate word being told that he suffered some minor burns to the hands and ankles, also a suspected broken rib (s).

In addition, Gunther Steiner has not confirmed the cause of the crash and claims a comprehensive investigation to find out the problem.

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