Roman Rains trolls fellow WWE star with barbaric behavior | sport

Roman Rains trolled fellow WWE star with barbaric burning. The Twitter game of the Universal Champion is on full scale since the comeback.

For a very long time, the biggest problem fans had with Roman Raj was that he was too guilty. He felt that he was not charismatic to rein in the company’s face. WWE, however, continued to live with him.

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In recent years, there has been a change in perception around him. However, it is not enough to get them the full acceptance of fans. Heel seems to have turned up last summer. The alignment of change for Tribal Chief has done wonders. Now he has the freedom to show his personality as in the example below.

Roman Rains trolls fellow WWE star with barbaric burning

Former United States Champion Baron Corbin seemingly fell off his bike. He decided to have some fun with it and posted a picture of himself on his Instagram. Corbin jokingly asked his followers if they would believe him if he said he landed in the bushes on purpose.

A lot of hilarious comments came on the post. Funniest though, is the Roman rule that did not return at all. The tribal chief wrote:

“On your back … just like at work!”

Raj is not just tearing it down on social media. He has been doing wonders since returning to SummerSlam last year. Since reclaiming the Universal Championship, Reigns has been involved in some interesting fights. He legitimately made Jay Uso a star and made Kevin Owens like a threat after spending months without any creative direction.

Shinsuke Nakamura is hinted at as the next guy on which path he will go. Unexpectedly, Nakamura has become more interesting than ever since winning the Royal Rumble in 2018. And to think, this is just the beginning of what Raj can achieve in this new character.

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