Roman Reigns vs Adam Pearce: Tribal Chief responds to his Royal Rumble opponent’s message

Roman Rains v. Adam Pearce: The Tribal Chief responded to his Royal Rumble opponent’s message. The WWE official emerged as the surprise No. 1 contender last week.

Roman rule is on a power journey. So much so that the head of the table, Paul Heyman, pulled some strings to insert Adam Pearce into the same gauntlet match, to determine the number one contender for the Universal Championship.

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Once a WWE official was made part of the match, Reigns took it upon himself to ensure Pearce’s victory. Ultimately, the Universal champion had to make sure Pearce got the message. You do not cross the Tribal Chief and the Scot is freed.

Tribal chiefs reply to their Royal Rumble rival’s message

Roman Rance vs Adam Pierce is the title match scheduled in the Royal Rumble. However, Pearce is hesitant to be a part of the match. He requested a video game on social media requesting ‘ending the game’ as a last-ditch effort.

However, it had no rule. The Universal Champion is intent on familiarizing the WWE official with the world of pain, and his response makes it clear,

“my show, My locker room, my legacy. Shut my mouth my decisions Show it by working Hold this ass, ”he wrote.

Pierce was the final participant in the Gears match. He was against Shinsuke Nakamura who passed through Ray Mysterio, Baron Corbin and Daniel Bryan. Nakamura looked good in dating and recovering with Riggs for the Universal Championship. Instead, however, Reigns and Jey Uso ejected the two and shook Pearce’s lifeless body above Nakamura for three pins.

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