Rupesh murder case: After Pappu Yadav, now BJP MLA also demanded an encounter of criminals

BJP MLA Nitin Naveen from Bankipur seat of Patna has made a list of the place where Indigo Supervisor Rupesh Singh was shot on Wednesday. Nitin Naveen said that if legal crime is getting away, then he should face it.

Referring to Uttar Pradesh, the BJP MLA said that there is no significant difference between UP and Bihar. You cannot allow a legal escape after a crime. The BJP MLA said that if the situation is getting worse and the criminals are going unbridled, then what is the harm in facing them.

Earlier, Jap chief and former MP Pappu Yadav surrounded Bihar’s Nitish Kumar officials over the murder case in Patna and said what the CM is reviewing now. Pappu Yadav said that the time has come to present free palms to the Bihar Police and encounter criminals in Bihar.

Power and opposition are putting Nitish officers in the dock

Let me tell you that with the ruling celebrations in the high profile murder case, the opposition has also questioned the law and order of the state within the officials led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. A CBI inquiry is required in connection with this murder. All the leaders have condemned the high-profile bloodshed within the posh location of the capital, while they have also attacked the Nitish officers.

Leader of Opposition cum RJD tweeted in connection with the killing that increasing the number of crimes and misdeeds every day under the patronage of unscrupulous and illegal officers is a collective failure of the NDA. Trying to cover up Nitish ji’s crimes and never compromising for them is the biggest crime and panacea for criminals. Bihar is not only able to deal with them, they resign immediately. Earlier, he tweeted immediately after the murder and expressed grief that criminals protected by energy, outside his residence in Patna, murdered airport supervisor Rupesh Kumar Singh. He was sociable and pleasant. I am very sad to lose my life prematurely. may his soul rest in peace. Now criminals are operating the federal government in Bihar.

BJP MP said- question on new size NDA officers of murder case

On the other hand, BJP MP Vivek Thakur on the murder of the supervisor of Indigo station in Patna said that Rupesh was being murdered irrespective of his legal character. It questions the newly sized NDA officials of the state. In an announcement issued after the murder, the BJP MP said that the Patna Police should take the incident as a problem. Within three to 5 days, this legal incident should be investigated and the result should be given. If he wants, he should be given to the CBI. What is the reason, which is murder. Is there any attempt to tarnish the federal government’s picture under a well-planned technology? After all, it is sad to shoot someone with a legal character.

Station Supervisor Rupesh Kumar Singh was riddled with bullets

Let us tell you that at about seven o’clock in the capital of Bihar on Tuesday night, skilled criminals shot Indigo Company’s Station Supervisor Rupesh Kumar Singh (40 years) at Patna Airport at the Gate of Kusum Vilas Apartment in Punichak Shankar Path. They were initially from Jalalpur Sawari village in Saran district, replacing Shastri Nagar police station. The criminals shot him six. The bullet hit the supervisor’s chest and hit the exact aspect of the supervisor’s chest. The glass on the gate near the seat of the driving force was completely wiped out by the bullet. In a CCTV footage investigation at Shankar Path, two criminals are seen working on motorbikes, although their image could not be clear. The trigger of the incident was not clear until late at night.

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