“Russell Westbrook gets a free lane to the rim”: Look how LeBron James and the Lakers redeem the Wizards’ final possession in a 127–124 loss? sport


Directed by Russell Westbrook and Bradley Beal, the Wizards staged a spirited comeback to defeat LeBron James and The Lakers.

It was a game of runs, and the Wizards were able to come in at the right time and with a clutch win. Any team with the NBA’s highest scorer is bound to have a problem with the clutch.

But the wizard was extra special last night, seizing LeBron James in the final quarter. Rumi Hachimura did a commendable job of scrambling passes, limiting James from the perimeter to shots.

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The Lakers ruined a special possession in overtime with James standing in the corner and then making a double-team. He tried to get out of his trouble, but it was a bad one. This hit Caruso on the arm and went out of bounds for his 8th turnover of the night.

LeBron James gives Russell Westbrook one free and 1 layup

If the Wizards were poor at managing their timeouts, the Lakers were aggressively pathetic at crucial times. They were entitled to L on the night, but it could have been avoided if not for this unforgivable slip.

The wizard was 1 point with only 14 seconds left on the game clock. Russell Westbrook was inbound the ball, with his substitutes Bradley Beal, Davis Bertons, Garrison Matthews and Rui Hachimura.

Westbrook managed to find Bertons, but Caruso inexplicably opted to foul. This allowed Brody to bite inside, receiving a pass from the Latvian and leaping one after a half-baked effort by LeBron James to halt his progress.

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Had Westbrook thwarted his free throw attempt, the Lakers would have had no way in the game. They were watching almost all of their long-distance things that took place late in the game. Kyle Kuzma and LeBron James threw some trash shots at the end to win it.

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