“Sabrina Parr is bitter”: The fiance of the former Lakers star announces that she is dating again, when Lamar Odom calls her ‘bitter’. sport

Lamar Odom says his fiancée Sabrina Parr is still bitter over the events that led to her split with the former Lakers champion.

Sabrina Parr is a fitness model who has been known to be dating Odom since August 2019. The couple announced their engagement 3 months later (November 2019). Exactly a year after that, Parr announced his split via social media.

Odom’s isolation with his fiancée of just a few months has unfortunately become a taboo subject. The situation in this case has increased with the couple’s own antics. Lamar accused Sabrina of ‘holding her passport and password hostage’ in December. Lamar said on Instagram:

“First of all, I would like to say that I am grateful for life experiences and this experience has taught me a valuable lesson and this lesson is to clearly ensure that all the individuals I choose in my inner circle are loyal. And are honest. That bitter, I’m better. The ending of toxic people and relationships is a big thing. It’s almost like taking out the trash yourself. “

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His teammates denied these allegations. Since then Lamar takes it on any and every occasion for Sabrina.

Sabrina Parr announces that she is dating again in the affair with Lamar Odom

On Sunday, January 10, Sabrina participated in a Q&A session on her Instagram page and revealed how she is staying single:

“I’m currently dating. So, this is kinda crazy, I woke up this morning and I got all these calls going to Wandy Williams and started making incredible, sad, accusations. ‘

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Odom had also made fun of him for ‘being on drugs’ after recently releasing a bizarre video. He was hurt and issued a statement that he was calm. He said he finds it sad that his great past is not always remembered.

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