Samantha’s secret investment? – TheMiracleTech

Samantha Akkineni is wearing many hats. Sam, who is busy with commercial advertising and a clutch of films, has recently turned to a host for a talk show on the TheMiracleTech space. Sam is now replaced as a producer. It is rumored that Sam has invested around 5 crores in Sudhir Babu and V director Mohan Krishna Indraganti’s film.

Sam’s celebrity manager Mahendra is producing the film at his production house. However, there are rumors that Sam is sleeping in the project. The story and the concept of the film have influenced Sam who has decided to invest in the film.

However, Mahendra had earlier produced Nara Rohit’s Balakrishnudu and the film became a debate. After Gap, Mahendra is now producing a film with Sudhir Babu and Indraganti. This time, Sam is said to be behind the project. However, these are just rumors. It is not yet clear whether Sam is a part of this film.

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