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Lake Charles Chemicals Project marks completion of seventh unit

Lucky Charles, la., November 16, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Sasol announced today that our LDPE unit has reached profitable operations 15 November 2020. The LDPE unit is the seventh and final Lake Charles Chemicals complex unit to come online. The LCCP is now 100 percent complete with a total capital expenditure forecast that is within the earlier communications guidance US $ 12,8 billion.

“This milestone safely brings our Lake Charles Chemicals project closer and sets the stage for the next step in the development of our chemicals business,” said Sasol President and Chief Executive Officer Fleetwood Grobler. “The completion of this unit and its imminent transition to our joint venture with Lyndelbasel will accelerate our transformation to a more specialized chemicals-focused company with a strong presence of base chemicals in our portfolio.”

Sasol’s LDPE unit uses ExxonMobil technology and has a nameplate capacity of 420,000 tonnes (420 ktpa) per year. LDPE is used for making plastic bags, wrapping and shrinking dispersive film, coating for paper cups and cartons, container caps, squeezable bottles, and other applications. The beneficial operation of the last LCCP unit indicates that 100% of the total nameplate capacity of the LCCP is in operation.

The LDPE unit is one of three LCCP plants that will form part of the Sasol / Lyondelbasell Louisiana integrated polyethylene joint venture.

To date, Sasol’s Lake Charles Chemicals project has generated more than 800 full-time quality manufacturing TMT, employing over 6,500 people, US $ 4 billion Service Louisiana Businesses and almost US $ 200 million In local and state taxes.

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