Schlumberger New Energy, CEA and Partners Genvia, Announce European Commission Approval for Formation of a Clean Hydrogen Production Technology Enterprise – Tech

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Schlumberger New Energy, CEA and Partners today announced European Commission approval for the formation of Genvia, a clean hydrogen production technology venture. In a unique private-public partnership model, Genavia Winksey Construction combines the expertise and experience of Schlumberger and CEA with Vikt, and the French Flavorie Region’s investment vehicle, the Ledges Regenale de l’Agnégée et du Climat (AREC).

Hydrogen is a versatile energy carrier and is a major component of the energy transition for many countries targeting carbon neutrality by 2050. The new venture will accelerate development and the first industrial deployment of CEA high-temperature reversible solid oxide electrolyser technology, the most efficient and cost-effective technology for producing clean hydrogen.

Broader and deeper alliances are important to reach hydrogen production goals, develop applications, and create a new energy infrastructure.

“We are very pleased to work with such experienced and strong collaborators as we strive to develop technologies that enable dicrobation. Together, build on a set of technologies developed by CEA over the last decade , We have ambitious development plans for a technology. We hope that production of clean hydrogen can be a game-changer. This initiative demonstrates an alignment of environmental and economic development ambitions that the government and the Commission recover It is important for France and Europe to support the plan, ”said François Jake, president. CEA’s.

The Genevia technology aims to achieve the highest system efficiency, resulting in significantly lower power usage per hydrogen produced. The technology is the first of its kind that is completely reversible, allowing it to switch between electrolysis and fuel cell functions.

Olivier said, “The production of clean hydrogen is critical for the world to meet its energy transition goals. Genevia Excellent Science to Accelerate the Development of a Core Technology to Open Hydrogen Production, Energy Storage and Fuel Applications And will bring advanced engineering together, ”Olivier said. Le Puch, Chief Executive Officer, Shalmber.

Solid oxide electrolysers will be manufactured at the Genevia Gigafactory, to be installed in Béziers, Occitan Region, France. The center for technology transfer will be located at the CEA site in Grenoble, France.

About Shalambar New Energy

Shalmberger is the world’s leading provider of technology to the global energy industry. Schlumberger New Energy seeks new avenues of growth by leveraging Schlumberger’s intellectual and business capital in emerging markets with a focus on low-carbon and carbon-neutral energy technologies. Its activities include ventures in hydrogen, lithium, carbon capture and sequestration, geothermal power and geo-energy for heating and cooling buildings.

About CEA

CEA is a major player in research, development and innovation in four main areas: energy transition, digital transition, future medicine and technology for security. With a workforce of 20,000 people, equipped with very large-scale research infrastructures across nine French sites, CEA actively participates in collaborative projects with a large number of academic and industrial partners in France and Europe and worldwide. The CEA is the first French research organization in terms of the number of patents filed in France and Europe, according to the Clériot 2019 ranking.

About VINCI Construction

VINCI, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction, is a global player and European leader, operating on five continents, with over 72,000 employees and 830 companies with revenues of € 14.9 billion in 2019. Structured according to an integrated model, the company has the ability to intervene over the entire life cycle of a structure (Miracle, design, construction, maintenance) in eight areas: buildings, functional structures, transportation infrastructure, hydraulic engineering, renewable and nuclear Energy, environment, hydrogen and gas fields, and mines.

About the knot

With nearly 200 years of experience, the Vikat Group offers a high range of mineral and bio-based building materials. Following the trajectory it has set itself for carbon neutrality in its value chain, the group operates three main lines of business: cement, ready-mixed concrete and aggregates, as well as related activities. Still family-run, the company has approximately 9,950 employees, and generated consolidated sales of € 2.7 billion in 2019. The group operates in twelve countries: France, Switzerland, Italy, United States, Turkey, Egypt, Senegal, Mali, Mauritia, Kazakhstan, India and Brazil. More than 60% of its sales originate outside France.

About AREC, an investment company in the Bronty area

The Occitan region’s equipment provides energy transition solutions to AREC territories. The agency attempted to offer solutions to actors, whether they were turnkey or specialized, depending on the references of actors in the field of flowers. Neutral, this is an objective vision of the solution. Serving a trusted third party and common interest to regional actors, AREC’s added value lies in its unique support across the entire energy transition value chain: from upstream to realization and financing of projects. The Occitan region is also always positioned as a leader in the development of the hydrogen sector in its region. This desire was adopted in 2019 as an unprecedented green hydrogen scheme, concluded with € 150 million, making it possible to achieve the objective of becoming the leading positive energy sector in Europe by 2050. AREC has actively participated in the deployment. Since 2016 as an actor of the energy transition in the “green hydrogen” region, brandy in the region. The agency provides technical support and investment in innovative production and distribution projects to deploy hydrogen ecosystems that honor the environment. Thus, AREC is already involved in major projects in Brossi such as the Highport Project and the Hyde’OCC Project.

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