Scorpion game review | Scorpion game web series review

Binged rating5/ 10

Ground level: This is Divyendu’s game all the way

Rating: 5/10

Skin n swear: Brooming with Exploits and Double Entenders; Nothing too obvious love making sequence

Forum: ALT Balaji, Zee5 Style: Thriller, crime, drama

who is the story about?

Scorpion game review |  Scorpion game web series review

Latest collaboration of ALTBalaji and ZEE5 Scorpion game Banaras is a story of crime, revenge and vengeance set in the backdrop of the city. It is directed by Ashish Shukla, produced by Shobha and Ekta Kapoor, and written by Ghalib Asad Bhopali and Jibran Noorani.

Akhil Srivastava (Divyendu) is a young aspiring writer who has to work in a sweet shop due to his father Babu’s (Mukul Chadha) uncertain financial situation. Akhil is in love with Rashmi (Anshul Chauhan), the daughter of Anil Chaubey (Satyajit Sharma), a prominent city lawyer. Akhil and his father are caught in a trap of deception and deception, which is hatched by Anil Chaubey and his business partners Munna (Gautam Babbar) and Goldie (Abhishek Chauhan). Babu is killed in police custody by unknown assailants, to bring Akhil to the bottom of the whole affair, to expose the culprits, and most importantly – to avenge the murder of his father.


Is a scorpion game DivyennduIs game in every way. The actor is fully cast as the crook Akhil. His cheeks and pimples stole. He does not strike a single false note in his portrayal of a man bent on revenge.

Syed Zeeshan Quadri made a sure portrayal as Police Officer Nikunj Pandey. He brings a much needed comic element to the narrative. As Abhishek Chauhan, he is good in recent outings, cubicles, undrackhi and great respect. The gray shades in his character reflect his versatility.

Anshul Chauhan is popular as Rashmi. Rajesh Sharma, as always, is reliable with Mukesh Chaubey, Anil Chaubey’s elder brother and an ax to grind. The rest of the cast gave commendable support.

Scorpion game review |  Scorpion game web series review


Bichu’s play is reminiscent of another ALTBalaji show Apaharan, which released on stage two years ago. The story and setting of both are treated similarly. Like Apharan before it, Bichu’s game draws inspiration from the crime capers of the eighties. The heavy reliance on RD Burman’s numbers of the eighties for the vibrancy and vibrancy in the story is akin to a loss.

That said, Beechu’s game starts off fairly well, engaging us in the story with an interesting plot and whistle-worthy dialogues. When Divyendu, in his trademark sleek and smooth style, described the crazy AF dialogues as credible and fun, one genre – Mirzapur and its sequel Mirzapur 2 – has led everyone to expect it. We must admit that some episodes of the first series are very good. They engage the viewer and invest in the story and its protagonist. Again, the same should be attributed to the compelling performance of Divyendu.

The episode’s brief, crisp runtime as well as the fast-paced storytelling is one aspect of the show that works in its favor. The narrative does not drag unnecessarily, boiling one to tears. This is an aspect of the game of scorpion that is worth appreciating.

But after the first few episodes, and as one is convinced that Beechu is the winner from the player Zee5 And ALTBalaji, the show suddenly becomes apathetic and is freed in a way. As the story progresses, the plot gets more and more hacked; The characters become dull and monotonous; And the story staggers and reaches the finishing line. The climax is particularly heavy. The Banaras to Beijing plot looks like one that finally fizzles out like a faulty cracker.

The game of Bichu is prone to many quarrels, the most important of which is its petty writing. The poorly written screenplay pays for all the work put on by the actors, lifting the series from mediocre sublime. In a blatant attempt to appear intelligent and enigmatic, the story itself spreads too thin – so thin that it ends and has to be trimmed.

The murders happen at a rate of one per episode, while the needle of suspicion is wildly among the diverse characters that populate the narrative. Which would be good for the story – if only it was corrected. The writers of the scorpion game seem to have a tangle, based on the need for the first murder, which is right at the start of the show – that of Anil Chaubey. And as the story progresses, it becomes clear that the narrative, like its authors, has lost the plot.

In the end, the scorpion game ends as a show only to fall flat on its face when it attempts to fly well. The end result – this is a show that entertains in parts, but leaves you with a feeling of overwhelming disappointment.

Scorpion game review |  Scorpion game web series review

Music and other departments?

The music of the series is full of popular RD Burman numbers of the eighties. For this reason alone, it is actionable and upbeat. The title song sounds good in the beginning, but overkill starts getting on your nerves – it rings several times in each episode, which happens many times, if you ask us.

Sunil Pillai’s cinematography is good. This is one of the better elements of Beechu’s game. He has captured the essence of the city of Banaras well, along with its quirky nuances – the flowing Ganges; Burning corpses on the ghats; Rustic sights and sounds – it is all well captured.

Scorpion game review |  Scorpion game web series review


Divyendu performance

Short, crisp sequence of episodes

Starts off well with an interesting plot


Fails to take advantage of interesting start

Bad script

Hacked conspiracy

Did i enjoy it

not much

Would you recommend it?

See it only when you want to kill time and there is nothing better to do

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