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Limitless is a sci-fi, comedy, thriller drama based on the film of the same name in 2011. The film and this spin-off series based on a novel by Alan Gillan called The Dark Events. Leslie Dixon created, and Craig Sweeney developed, a seamless season. Paul Leonard-Morgan composed the series, and the location of the filming was New York City. The reception of Limitless seemed to strike a balance between positive and negative, but nevertheless, the network decided to cancel the spin-off by continuity. It got mostly lead roles for casting Jake McDorman While the statement was criticized. Read on to find out why it was canceled.

Seamless Season 2: Release Date

On 8 May 2015, CBS ordered Limitless, and premiered on 25 October 2015 followed by 22 episodes. The following year on 18 May 2016, the distributor indicated the show would not be part of the Miracle year’s line up. Even when the first season ended with a cliff hanger, the series was canceled. On 25 May 2016, Craig Sweeney, the developer of Limeless and one of the executive members of CBS, announced the cancellation of the show. What do you think about demonetisation? I would like to know if you guys want to believe.

Seamless Season 2: Reason for Cancellation

Well, the series received a lot of appreciation, and fans are still thought of canceling the sinking limit. CBS made an excuse not to renew the series, saying that it failed to connect with the audience. But we all know that the main reason for this was the focus of drug fiction. NTZ is the reason why top streamers like Netflix and Amazon refused to take the series for a second season. Fans were sad, or should I say they were crazy because Netflix received a 5-star rating on the show and still didn’t renew it. I also think this is ridiculous. But they have a point because the story involves drugs and the streamers can’t put a check on their audience’s age, so they decided to check what they stream. So the bad news here is that we will not get to see seamless season 2 on any network.

Seamless Season 2: Storyline

Every coin has two faces, so is a medicine. It can help us a lot, but we do not suffer from side effects. With this in mind, we take a look at the plot. The story follows a 28-year-old, struggling musician who is our hero. As he becomes familiar with a highly developed drug called NTZ-48, he becomes an assistant to an undercover FBI agent. But he should keep the bullet a secret from the FBI, while he gets counter shots from a US senator.

Have you seen disdain? If yes, would you like to see another season? I think if you haven’t seen it yet, you can give it a shot now. After all, it got a 5-star on Netflix (please, don’t watch it if you’re under 18). It’s time for me to leave and I hope you have found what you wanted to know. Interact with me through comments and stay tuned for more.

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