Sean Mendes and Camila Cabello A lovely love story!

Sean Mendes and Camila Cabello have been in a relationship for years. But about a year and a half ago, their relationship turned romantic. They quickly became one of the hottest couples in music. Recently the couple calmed down a bit and they speculated among fans that they had both broken up. But this is not the case.

Sean Mendes and Camila Cabello Recent Updates –

  • Sean and Camilla together bought a puppy. Shawn also shared pictures of the puppy on his Instagram account. They name it Tarzan.
  • Despite the rumor that Sean and Camilla broke up, the two shared that they were still going strong. Camilla also posted the cutest Instagram dedicated to Sean. “The world could always use some magic, beauty, and wonder, but especially right now,” the post was captioned. This is for Sean’s new album Wonder. She said that she is proud of her love and wants people to see and hear her heart. In return, Sean appreciated her love and responded to the post with a watery-eyed emoji and heart.
  • In Minami, both Sean and Camilla separate themselves together. Once a day, they both go for a walk to get fresh air. During the walk, the couple shared some hugs and kisses.
  • The couple is making the best use of their time. Sean can be seen teaching Camilla the guitar and Camilla teaching Sean the Spanish. He has participated in 2 concerts from his home. Instagram live for Global Citizen and Fox News.
  • In an interview, the couple stated that they are watching Harry Potter movies and it is so fun to watch together.
  • Shawn keeps visiting the United Kingdom as Camilla is shooting her film Cinderella.
  • As Camila celebrated her 23rd birthday, they both looked adorable. It was a Cinderella theme party and all their co-stars were present. They posted some pictures together and they used to watch with great love.

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