“Sebastian will bring out the best in lance” – Aston Martin F1 team chief Ottmar Zafnur is excited about Vettel-Stro Pairing. sport

“Sebastian will bring the best in the lance” – Aston Martin F1 team chief Ottmar Szfanyur is excited about the Vettel-Storm duo this season.

Aston Martin F1 is making its return to the game this season with Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroke. Sergio Perez was let go for the former in the team’s former avatar racing point.

While Vettel is a four-time world champion, Stroh is a raw talent who surpassed expectations last season, winning two podiums and achieving one pole position. Speaking from, Ottmar Szafner, the principal of the Aston Martin team, called it “extremely exciting” for him, and is enigmatic with a mixture of two drivers.

“It is very exciting for all of the team. At Sebastian, we have four-time world champions, helping teams become race-winning and championship-consummate outfits. That is why it is such an important signature for us. He brings a victorious mindset and we all will undoubtedly learn a lot from him on this journey.

“At Lance, we have a young and talented, hard-working driver who enjoyed his best campaign to date last year and really progressed in all areas of his racing. We know that if we give him the tools, he is able to help the team reach its goals.

“We also think that Sebastian will bring the best in Lance, Lance pushed Sebastian hard in return, so we’re happy with our 2021 line-up. It’s the ideal mix of experience, race-winning and raw talent. . “

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