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Former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen, recently turned 45. The actress showed on her Instagram how fit she is on the occasion of her birthday. The actress also posted a similar video for her last birthday. Sushmita Sen is a fitness enthusiast and her work out videos are a big inspiration for her fans.

In the video, Sushmita Sen is seen vomiting with the help of gymnastic rings. Along with the video, the actress gave a sweet note to her fans, stating, “I am 45!” You guys have been my biggest source of strength for over 2 and a half decades and counting… remind me often, what a blessing life is and just how many endless possibilities !! I want you to always remember, your unconditional love and kindness enriches my life and empowers me to be a better person. “

The actress also said, “Keep spreading the goodness … I and this world need more people like you. I love you guys”. With this post, Sushmita Sen once again proved that age is just a number for her. Sushmita Sen celebrated her birthday with her mother, her adopted daughters Renee and Alisa, and her sister Rohman Shaul.

The actress and former Miss Universe, has made her web series debut this year with “Arya”. The actress played the role of a spartan wife and devoted mother to her three children. His performance in the film was wired and appreciated to a great extent.

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