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SES Expands O3b mPOWER Technology Ecosystem with Modem Platform Partnership (Graphic: Business Wire)

Business Wire India

SES has today announced Gilat and ST Engineering as its latest technology partners, who will develop core infrastructure modem platforms for this O3b mPOWER, Ground breaking non-geostationary-satellite orbit (NGSO) communication system of SES.

This press release contains multimedia. Watch the full release here: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20201102006117/en/

SES Expands O3b mPOWER Technology Ecosystem with Modem Platform Partnership (Graphic: Business Wire)

Gilat And ST Engineering iDirect Selected based on their Miracle generation modem technologies. Featuring an open architecture with full virtualization path, the modem will interface with differentiated SES Adaptive processing control (ARC) Capability and Leverage SES Open networking automation platform (ONAP) is standard. Combining this and other technologies enables SES to control and optimize entire O3BM power systems across space and ground infrastructure, enabling efficient delivery of low-latency and high-throughput satellite-based data services. Will be able to adapt, which can actually be customized. To fit specific connectivity requirements on land in sea or air, anywhere in the world.

The O3b mPOWER is SES’s Miracle generation Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) communication system. It is currently under construction and is on track for launch in 2021. High-throughput satellites, as well as automated and intelligence-driven ground infrastructure, will provide low-delayed managed services ranging from hundreds of Mbps to several Gbps.

“We are honored to provide our Miracle-generation baseband platform for the S3, our longtime strategic partner, the O3b mPOWER. The innovative ground segment of Gilat significantly reduces cost-per-bit, in modem performance Saves a step-change., And further integrates and optimizes SES with ground and space service delivery, ”said Ron Levine Vice President Mobility and Global Accounts at Gilat. “Over the past year, we have been working closely with SES to develop the platform for O3b mPOWER with the combined goal of bringing unique customer experiences across all target verticals.”

“We are beginning a new future for our industry. Being selected for the O3b mPOWER is a tremendous validation of the technology vision of ST Engineering IDirect and proves that ground infrastructure will play a key role in SES’s ambitious goal to transform satellite service delivery. “O3b mPOWER is at the forefront of a critical movement to drive a standards-based, virtualized network approach where the ground is in lockstep with space. Through our partnership, we will expand the possibilities for global connectivity. “

“The basis of our O3b mPOWER communication system is defined and enhanced by a diverse and strong partner ecosystem. As an industry, we are able to have a vision of open networking and seamless satellite services, as like-minded partner iDirects such as Gilat and ST Engineering understand the step-change in system flexibility and capability that O3b mPOWER delivers Will, ”Stewart Sanders, SES Executive Vice President of Technology and O3b mPOWER Program Manager. “We have many years of first-hand experience working with both Gilat and ST Engineering iDirect and we can always provide their work as well as their technologies. Therefore, we are confident of selecting these two outstanding companies as trusted partners for O3b mPOWER and delivering a significant portion of our infrastructure supporting a unique customer experience. “

Focusing on making satellites a seamless part of global network solutions, SES is continually expanding its O3b mPOWER partner ecosystem. In addition to Gilat and ST Engineering iDirect, SES has also announced the O3b mPOWER partnership SpaceX For launch, ALCAN, Isotropic Systems and VoSAT For customer lead terminals, Amdocs For NFV technology, Kythera Space Solutions For ARC software, Microsoft for Gateway, And IBM And Microsoft For cloud connectivity.

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