Shabana was hesitant to mention her father Kaifi Azmi’s name in school, when suddenly an open secret came

Kaifi Azmi can also be immediately thought of as one of the many big personalities in the poetry world, though at one stage he was spending his life in Fakmasti. Even his daughter Shabana Azmi was hesitant to name him in his college. In the e-book on father, Shabana Azmi writes, ‘I used to hold back from talking to Pulse in college about him. Sometimes she was reported to lie that she ventures something. The reason for this was that the thought of being a poet in that interval was not excellent. It was not a career and lost time to do so.

Kaifi Azmi neither had a workplace nor did she ever wear a pant-shirt. He used to live in white colored kurta pajamas all the time. Shabana Azmi says that she did not feel much in childhood and it seems unusual that her father does not go to work. Not only this, Kaifi Azmi was required to enroll daughter Shabana in an English college and for this it was necessary that old people should know English.

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In such cases, he took a special route and the life of the then famous poet Sardar Jafri got Shabana’s place in the college. At the same time, Munish Narayan Saxena, a friend of Kaifi Azmi, demonstrated the father’s position. In this way, Shabana took another person enrolled in college as mother or father.

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Sharing an attention-grabbing story about this, Shabana Azmi says, ‘One day the Vice Principal is known by my name and it is said that on the last night I saw your father smiling and that he Are completely different from what usually comes on Parent’s Day. I advised the principal that she had become very thin due to being typhoid. They do not accept so many opportunities. This was accepted by the Vice Principal.

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However, Shabana Azmi, who was hesitant about her father being a poet, was filled with joy on the day her name appeared in a newspaper. Shabana Azmi writes, ‘One day a friend of mine came here to do class and he advised that he had learned my father’s name in the newspaper. The second game was then overturned – the place where there was embarrassment, there was joy. Forty youth have been in the group, though entirely me, whose father’s name was printed in the newspaper.

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