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Hey guys, hope all are safe in this second wave pandemic. I’m up with this new series which is a limited series. This is a remake of a Tamil youtube series “VALLAMAI THARAYO” meaning “SHAKTHI DIKHALANA”. It’s one of my favorite stories and I wanted this to reach more audiences.

This is about a young girl of a conservative family and how she deals with her martial life, relations, career, and self-respect.

This is not a romantic ff, so please don’t expect more romance between the leads. This focuses mainly on women’s empowerment and upliftment. Kindly do read this character sketch and comment on it whether I should continue or not. The episodes will be shorter and the tone of the episode will be both narrative and descriptive. And the characters I used here are the original characters. Initially, I chose Akshara (Hina Khan) as the lead, but later I felt the original cast has done an amazing job and I didn’t have the heart to change it. So going on with the originals but I’ll be uploading images. So, don’t worry. And another important reason for not changing the leads is the name of the heroine “ABINAYA”. This is one of the favorite names of the female lead for all Tamil 90’s kids. We had an amazing serial called Kolangal, the same director of this youtube series and that was also focussing on women empowerment. So, this is my favorite name too.

Here is the character sketch.

Abinaya – A young girl in her early 20’s gets married to Sidharth and has 2 kids Aadhira and Aadhava.

Sidharth – An IT professional working in the U.S, husband of Abi, father of Aadhira and Aadhava, and a devoted younger brother to Kausalya.

Kausalya – Sidharth’s dominating sister. She brought up Sid from his childhood as they lost their mother at a young age and she lives in her father’s house with her husband and 2 kids.

Sridharan – Kaulsaya’s husband, Ghar jamai, and father of 2 kids. He respects Kausalya and acts according to her words even if he doesn’t like it. He mentors Sid at a later stage.

Kausalya & Sid’s dad – He lives with Kausalya.

Badima & Badipapa – Abi’s badima and badipapa, parents of 2 children. Their daughter went away with her love and got settled. So all in Abi’s family are angry with her.

Sethu – Son of badima and badipapa, brother of Abi, and that runaway sister. He is friendly and always stands with Abi no matter what. He is the only person in their family who thinks and speaks practically. He is working for political parties in his village.

Abi’s parents – Strict parents as everyone in their family are scared if Abi will also do like her cousin’s sister.

Abi’s chacha- Chachi – They also care for Abi.

Abi lives in a joint family where everyone loves her but forces their decision on her without even thinking of her.

Anu – Abi’s best friend who is more mature and practical. She genuinely loves Abi a lot. Everyone in her family except Abi and Sethu hates her as they think that she will spoil Abi.

There are the main characters and more characters will be added as the story progresses. The original story is about 80 episodes each of 15-20 min length. So, this ff will also have 80 episodes.

Kindly comment on this whether I should continue or not.

Thanks in advance!!!

Stay home & Stay Safe!!!

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