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Nicholas Cage is a master of films that are dark and dramatic at any given time like Completely funny and funny. While most people call it bad film making or poor acting, we think it is completely intentional – after all, how often do you recommend a Cage movie to your friends for a movie night? Cage is always a great time to watch a movie – Van National treasure To Mandy

Due to the monopoly of Nicolas Cage having a niche in this film, it always attracted the attention of the Internet when there were rumors that he was making a new film.We can’t wait for his new action film The cost of which is Pedro Pascal

The internet went a little crazy when they found out that a surprise trailer is being called for a film Willy’s WonderlandWe know, a lot is happening with this name, but honestly, we’ll throw that suitcase out the window. Here we know about the upcoming Nicholas Cage film.

The trailer

The trailer is two minutes long, and despite that, we never have See Nicholas speaks the character of Cage, though he has a small voice that says how much he loves the man of few words. (His character is also called simply Janaka.)

In the video, Cage’s character Chuck E. for one night. Cheese-esque is shown signing up to clean up the installation so that it can be repaired. Soon after, a group of teenagers warn him of how dangerous the place is – continuing with the cage being cleaned.

Most of the trailer has a creepy song that sings “It’s your birthday, and we want you to have fun” ()This is a bit of an earwig, however, fair warning) While Cage also completely destroys the terrible animatronics that come to life. Similarities with Popular Sports Franchise Five Nights at Freddy’s Was not lost Everyone


There is one Five Nights at Freddy’s The film for a long time, and some people had the impression that it was the film they were waiting for. Believe it or not, this No FNAF film. The film has not yet gone into production – the last one heard that it was planned to debut in the spring of this year.

Ok that’s it Willy’s Wonderland a Five Nights at Freddy’s Rip off / parody? We cannot answer this with any certainty, but we accept that we cannot accuse anyone of believing so. Horror animatronics is not a new concept for children’s birthday parties, and it was not FNAF The first franchise to do this, but parallel thinking between Willy’s Wonderland And Five Nights at Freddy’s Some people definitely raise eyebrows.

The complex of each is strikingly similar, and the choice to play the main character, Nicholas Cage, almost never spoken, seems like what the video game adaptation film would like. That said, it could actually mean something that has nothing to do with Five Nights at Freddy’s whatever.

Ok let’s talk

However it may be Five Nights at Freddy’s Adaptation with only enough changes to avoid legal trouble, we must admit that we are curious about this film. If you do this, you will be happy to know that you do not have to wait long.

Willy’s Wonderland It will hit theaters and on-demand on February 12 – in less than a month.

The film Synopsis: “A quiet drifter is now employed in cleaning work in the convicted Valley Wonderland. Every day the task suddenly becomes an all-out struggle for survival against wave after wave of demonic animatronics. The fist flies, the ground slips, the Titans collide – and only one side survives. Okay, we have to accept that the phrase “wave after wave” actually creates images of video games in our heads.

What do you think Is this a FNAF To rip or parody? Are you watching this film or are you waiting for the real thing? Five Nights at Freddy’s Adjustment? Tell us in the comments!

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