Sheriff Mod Among Us: How to set up Sheriff Mod among us and what it means? | sport

The Sheriff mod among us is the newest mod in the city and everyone is playing it. In this article, we have given you information about everything you need to know about this new mod.

The breakout game of the year is soon becoming among us. YouTubers and Streamers are also having a fun time playing games, with everyone in quarantine and lockdown. Along with the hilarious videos, new views and truly smart play streamers like Corp, Sikuno, Toast and many others get thousands of views.

People are always looking at ways to make the game more interesting. Mods are one way to do this and there are many mods. Proximity mod is one such mod and is widely used.

What’s Sheriff Mod between us?

In a normal game of As Us, there are only two roles – Imposter and Crewmate. Sheriff Mod adds another as a Sheriff. He is capable of killing imposters. If he shoots a crewmate, he will lose his life instead.

This makes the game even more interesting as it involves more thinking and deliberation by the players involved. Playing using the corpse, sycuno, jackseptis, toast and other mods.

How to set up and play

The user is behind the Woody-Dev Mod. Mod is available on PC. Follow the steps to install the mod –

  1. Download mod for your specific game version Using the link here.
  2. Make a copy of your game’s root directory (Steam / Steamps / Common / Us) and rename it.
  3. Remove the contents of Sheriff among us in the copied folder you created
  4. Open your modeled folder and open the game through Us.exe

saw! Now you can play with Sheriff Mod and have fun with your crewmates and imposters in between.

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