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Actor Sonu Sood is a talented actor who easily pulls off opposing roles. Apart from his acting skills, he gained a good reputation and huge social media popularity through his good works and philanthropic works. Now, this sudden popularity and his ‘Good Samaritan’ tag is turning into a “hassle” for the makers who tie him to the board. Apparently, when Sonu Sood is on the set, a large number of people are asking him to meet and talk to them and seek their help. Many people from other states are also asked to find the whereabouts of Sonu Sood through their team and leave them near the shooting spots.

Even younger artists are trying to meet him and tell Sonu Sood their problem. It turns the shooting environment into chaos. During break-time, many are asked to gather near Sonu Sood’s caravan and try to meet him. All this creates disturbances in the shooting environment. Although some producers said that they are not happy and angry with it, however, they are letting it go because Sonu Sood is working well.

It may be noted that Sood had arranged special buses for the migrants during the lockdown and food, water during the journey. Sonu Sood had ensured that the migrant workers reached their hometown safely and thus, showed their big heart. Sonu Sood also contributed facial shields and necessary security equipment for Mumbai Police personnel. Sood presented a tractor to a poor farmer from Andhra Pradesh, who was seen plowing the field himself with the help of his two daughters. Sood’s philanthropic actions during the Kovid-19 epidemic brought him international fame.

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