Siddhi Finds Her Book Torn In Trash

Bawara Dil Written Episode Update 3rd May 2021: Siddhi Finds Her Book Torn In Trash

In the latest episode of the Bawra Dil, Malini is feeding Sidhi with her hand. Mansi asks if she had words with Shiva, but Sidhi tells her not to ruin her mood. Malini then says that you won’t believe it, but I talked ill to Shiva and his parents and even protest outside their house at the time you were missing. Sidhi gets shocked hearing this, Malini says that she didn’t understand what to do in that situation. Sidhi hugs her and consoles her and says that you were tensed for me. Malini again says that I thought I never see you again.

Malini continues to say but the only man who had faith that he will find you anyhow. Sidhi asks who was that, Malini says it was Shiva who was immensely confident that he will find you at any cost. Sidhi got stunned hearing this. Malini tells Sidhi that it changed my mentality for Shiva and I have started faith in him. Malini says that Shiva is different than he pretends. Sidhi says that it is impossible as she was quarantined but it couldn’t change his behaviour. He says that he is arrogant and mean and only follows Akka Bai.

Later, Sidhi is looking for her books and just then Bunty and Babblu informs her that her books are near the trash. Sidhi rushes there but finds that books have been torn. Just then Shiva comes as he is talking on the phone, he says that he better knows how to break the ego of the people. Sidhi thinks that Shiva was behind these torn books. Shiva goes to his room and noticed that Sidhi is crying. He asks what happened to her. Sidhi says that I didn’t know that you are so mean. Shiva shockingly asks what did he do. But Sidhi is continuously crying, Shiva tries to know the matter, but just then Jalwa calls him and he leaves.

Sidhi is sitting recalling her books and thinks that she will destroy Shiva’s ego one day. Meanwhile, Soni comes there and asks Sidhi why is she crying. She tells hee about her torn books and alleged on Shiva. Soni says that Shiva couldn’t do that. Later, Soni tells Yashwant about what happened, Vijaya comes there and says that she knows who torn Sidhi’s books. Shiva returns and sees the box in the garden, Sidhi shows her torn books there and alleged him for tearing her books. The episode ends with Shiva’s shocking reaction. Stay in the loop with Social Telecast for Bawra Dil written update.

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