Simcity Mod APK v1.34.6.96106 (Unlimited Money / Key) Download Free

You must have sometimes wondered how this can happen if you can build your city. Well if you are unable to develop your entire city in the real world. There is a simulation game that you can play. SimCity Buildit is the game you should try your hand at. You can build your city inside a smartphone. The famous gaming company makes electronic arts games. The game is exciting and also helps build professional skills. You can build buildings and later trade them with other cities as well. You will be surprised by the efforts made by Electronic Arts in its 3D graphics.

With this game, you will create your own empire. Inside your city, there will be roads, residents etc., you will play this game as the city mayor serving the people or residents of your city. The more residents there are in your city, the more you will have to build houses, shops, hospitals etc.

It will not be easy for you; Difficulties will occur at every step of your life. So, the game itself is tough in that you will have limited resources and money to spend. To enjoy the game experience, you have to buy in-game money with real money. To solve that problem we have found a solution which is mod apk of Simcity. This modified APK will eliminate the stress of limited funds and resources.

Specification of Simcity Mod Apk

Name SimCity BuildIt
The package com.ea.game.simcitymobile_row
Publisher electronic Arts
category Simulation
Shape 122m
MOD Features God mode
Necessary Android 4.0.3

Simcity Gameplay

The game is starting

You start playing the game as the mayor of the city; You have to build everything from scratch. In addition, you have to build buildings like apartments, hospitals, schools, megastructures, and everything else that a city can be. There will be days and nights to give a realistic feeling while playing the game. You will need to provide daily necessities such as water, electricity, etc. to the residents of the house. Once you start building your city slowly, crimes will be happening all around. To prevent crime from happening, you have to build a police station. You also have to watch for rich people, for their relaxation you can make casinos, clubs etc.

Try to develop your city as much as possible. When your city starts to develop and become more powerful among others. New citizens from different cities will start moving to your city. To increase the GDP of your city you will need more citizens who will eventually spend their earnings in your city. So that your city has a higher GDP than other cities.

mid game

For newcomers, you have to give them space and build apartments for them. As your population of the city increases, you will have to find ways to provide a better and peaceful life to the residents of your city. If you are unable to meet the needs of your citizens, the residents of your city will start venturing out to other cities which gives them a better life. To reduce traffic, less money problems, you have to answer to citizens about increased taxation. You will be the person managing each problem. Whether it is robbery or murder, you have to find ways to deal with them.

The game is very interactive, it will give you an experience of how a trader feels when starting alone with nothing; Construction of a land from the city to a large city. Although it is a sport but it will help you in enhancing your business mindset. This is why the game is the Editors’ Choice in the Google Play Store.

Features of Simcity Mod Apk

unlimited coins

With this modern feature, you will have unlimited amount of coins in your account. You can buy anything in the game.

Unlimited Money

This facility will give you unlimited amount in your account. So you do not have to worry about the money problems coming in the city. Download Simcity Mod APK now and enjoy unlimited money.

Unlimited gold key

This mod will give you unlimited gold key in your account.

Optional features

These are some optional features that you will get. They are

  • All your buildings will be already built. So you will not need to build and level any building from scratch. Just enjoy the game.
  • All the buildings constructed will be Omega level buildings.

How to download and install Simcity Mod APK for free on your device?

Method 1: Simcity Mod APK in Android

  1. You will have to uninstall the previously downloaded version to download this APK file unity mod. To download this latest version of the Simcity Mod app, click on the link below in this article.
  2. The downloading process of this Simcity Mod has already started.
  3. After downloading the file, the installation process of the platform will start automatically.
  4. See that you have enabled previously unknown sources to install the APK.
  5. From your settings in Android device, click Security of your Android phone. This will enable unknown sources. It will now install Simcity Mod APK by allowing unknown sources.
  6. After installation, you are ready to save your required files and remove unwanted ones easily.

Method 2: SimCT Mod APK in PC

  1. First you need to download and install Blue stack In my pc
  2. After successfully installing Bluestack in your PC, open it
  3. Now go to our download link below and download Simcity Mod APK
  4. When complete download, install Simcity Mod APK in your Bluestack emulator
  5. Open the Moded app ie Fun Mod APK installed in your Bluestack emulator
  6. That’s it, now enjoy Simcity Mod App in your PC for free. No need to pay to download and install this pro apk.
  7. done.

Simcity Mod APK Download Latest Version:

Click here to download Simcity Mod APK latest version for free

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The conclusion

So this was an article related to simcity mod apk where we discussed about simcity game, gameplay and features of this mod apk. So download now the gameplay of Simcity Mod APK.

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