Singapore Airlines Delivers Flight Food to Home – TheMiracleTech

The global epidemic is teaching everyone the new normal. Airlines are one of the largest areas that had to see full income all the time and even though the conditions were getting better with travel, they had to find a way to survive and beat the downtime.

Singapore Airlines are innovative in these times as they had never started for the airline before. It has been found that frequent air travelers are missing the food served on flights and the Singapore airline company announced that they will deliver the food home.

He started services from October 4 and by noon the next day, he received more than 50 orders. Business class food costs around 288 USD and first class food is 488 USD excluding GST. They will be given a bottle of wine along with the food served.

Not only that, but the A-380 jumbo jet flight at Changi Airport is all set to open as a temporary restaurant. Udaan Restaurant will be open from 24 October and bookings can be made from 12 October.

In addition, the airlines are launching driver training programs for the general public on November 21, 22, 28 and 29. The training fee will be 16.06 USD for children and 32.10 USD for adults. Registration for training programs will be open from 1 November.

Proving once again the phrase of necessity and invention, Singapore Airlines is launching innovative programs to save its business. We will have to see if other country airlines also take up these ideas to make up for the earnings due to flight restrictions after the lock in the world.

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