Sir Movie Review: Falling in love with a widowed servant, Tilottama Shome’s pure, natural and unconventional masterpiece movie

Love is enough, Directed by Rohna Gera, Sir Tilottama is a 2018 Hindi romantic drama film starring Shom and Vivek Gomber, produced by Rohini Gera and Bryce Poisson, released in India on Friday 13 November 2020. Know, how is the film, what is the story, movie review below.

Sir movie director: Rohana Gera
Head movie cast: Tillotama Shome, Vivek Gomber, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Ahmareen Anjum, Rahul Vohra
Sir movie rating: 3.5 stars

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Love Enough – Sir Movie Stroyline: First let’s talk about what’s in the film. The film is about Strowline Ratna, a live-in maid hired by Ashwin and his girlfriend.

Ashwin (Vivek Gomber) Has recently returned to Mumbai from New York, abandoning his dream of being a writer after his brother is not well. He comes back to support his family emotionally when his brother ends up.

While Ratna (Tilottama Shome) Is an independent person with self-respect. She is working in Mumbai to be self-reliant and helps her family financially and encourages her sister to study. She had a dream to study but due to marriage she could not fulfill it, she wants her sister to be educated. She follows a dream to become a fashion designer.

The film starts with Ratna, who is called back for work as Ashwin breaks up his marriage with his girlfriend and comes back home. Interaction with her friends and family tells us that the girl has cheated on her.

She remains less enthusiastic for days until Ratna, not able to see her unhappily tells her the story of losing her husband after just 4 months.

She says, “Life never stops”, meaning that we must move forward with our lives. She stays back to work at her home and explains the possibility of a bad name living with a man alone.

We slowly learn that Ashwin is a good man who does not care about class differences and respects Ratna like any other person in his life. He speaks for her when an acquaintance of her scolds her for drinking.

Over time, Ashwin learns about Ratna’s dream of becoming a fashion designer when Ratna asks Ashwin’s permission to attend tailoring classes and expresses his desire to become a fashion designer. Ashwin initially thinks of his wish, but immediately recovers himself and apologizes to Ratna and says ‘everyone has the right to dream’.

Ratna also feels for Ashwin as she is stuck in Mumbai for her family and is not able to follow her dream of writing. They support each other emotionally.

Ratna presented him a shirt on Ashwin’s birthday which she designs herself. He wears the shirt on the same day. She also receives a sewing machine as a gift from Ashwin. They become affectionate to each other.

Meanwhile, Ratna realizes that her sister is getting ready for marriage before the exam is over. She is disappointed to learn that her sister is excited to come to Mumbai and is then completing her studies. But Ashwin said that the groom can be a good person, who wants his wife to be independent.

He also gifts some money for his sister’s wedding, when he resists. She calls him when she is away from the wedding to check in with him. Meditation makes her uncomfortable, but she is also happy.

Returning to work for Ashwin, the dynamic changes between them. Ashwin expressed his feelings. Although Ratna is attracted to her for a moment, she strongly expresses her desire against any possible relationship.

When Ashwin asks her to go outside, she takes him to the roof of the building where they share some ideas and have a conversation. Ashwin discourages him to say ‘Sir’.

When Ashwin’s friend discovers his feelings, he prevents her from being in a relationship with a maid and reminds him of the social consequences of such a relationship.

He said that he should not act on his feelings for the sake of gem. As a maid, Ratna is asked to cook for the party at Ashwin’s mother’s place.

Ashwin unintentionally makes Ratna uncomfortable by asking if she should wait to go back home, harassing other domestic workers.

When they return Ratna makes it clear that they cannot be in a relationship and will not be welcomed by their family and friends and vice versa.

When he insists on being together, despite her request to help him in any way when he stays with Ashwin, he decides to quit his job. She tells him not to worry about her.

Ratna goes to her sister’s house, while Ashwin tells his father that he will move back to New York and his love for Ratna. After some time we see that Ratna has been hired by Ashwin’s friend, a fashion designer, which is possible due to Ashwin’s recommendation.

Ratna goes to Ashwin’s house to see her but finds that the door is locked. She goes to the terrace and hears Ashwin’s call.

Finally, in order to understand his concern for seeing Ashwin as an equal, he reconciles with his identity crisis and responds by addressing him with his maiden name “Ashwin”.

Film Reviews: Tilottama Shome and Vivek Gomber starrer is the film masterpiece and writing anything about it is binding my words. The film fully deserves international awards and accolades. The actors have done a great job and I love both the characters. Even though Ratna’s character is more important in the film, I am attracted to the quiet and gentle character of ‘Sir’ Ashwin. Such pure, natural and unconventional films went unnoticed. But I look forward to seeing such beautiful creations.

With a few words, the chemistry between them reflects the amount of screenplay and great filmmaking talent. The blow is true and brings the sheer honesty of the world to its purest form.

Our advice: Don’t think twice and just give it immediately and feel dissatisfied about the part you missed on the big screen this gem. A Must Watch Movie!

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