SkipTheGames (2020): Best Adult Entertainment Alternative to Backpage

To successfully take the adult industry by a storm, Skipptmages seems like the most promising newbie to the team. Soon after Backpage was banned, Skip Games, a site that allegedly appeared as a fun online platform, began to fill the void with its innovative ways of online dating. It also serves as the best Backpage option in 2020.

Skipthe Games claims in itself to be a platform where individuals engage with other individuals to fulfill their needs lovingly or simply for the purpose of enjoyment. It emphasizes the need to “quit” the games (according to the mind games) and pretend that this generation feels, but it is really tired and jumped straight into business. And by business we mean the satisfaction of material needs.

Skip game The site argues that long-term relationships come with their own commitment issues and responsibilities, which can be dropped. The stage directs itself as a place where people seek casual encounters, friends with benefits or perhaps just a friend’s turn. This allows users to share pictures, including those that would otherwise be censored, audio, and can stream video in real time.

To learn how to use the website, everyone needs to post in person what they are looking for for a strategy that many dating apps, including Bumble, have displayed relevant suggestions and give the user the right audience. Has helped bring it to the fore.

The site is replete with advertisements on display, most of which are targeted around erotic pleasure. When clicked, they allow the user to reply to the person who posted the ad in real time and even allows them to stream pictures, audio or video with them. They have an inbuilt chat room, which “Skip Game Messenger” can use to chat privately on the platform.

But the question is, is SkiptheGames really a site for entertainment and “casual encounters” as it claims or is it but a cheaper alternative to backpage?

Was there really backpage and why was it taken down?

As we all know Backpage was a classified advertising website known to users for buying and selling intercourse, until things went south. Best adult entertainment site The officers of the services raised an eyebrow, until it became the subject of investigation, which eventually led to it being largely closed to trade.

Further excavation of the case by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation revealed the fact that the website was allegedly involved in prostitution and human trafficking; Which also included minors. Carl Ferre, CEO of the company and skip games.com Along with the money laundering, he was accused of promoting the same, which led to the closure of the site.

The S # x Traffickers Act Bakcpage and its affiliated websites were shut down in a jolt after President Donald Trump enacted the laws of the Fight Online S * x Trafficking Act and Stop N. The inspection also unearthed foreign banks where they were hiding the revenue from the eyes of the law.

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Leave games showing similar marks

Recently, a similar case was cropped up with the Skip Games website when an Allentown vice-spy clicked on what an X-Rater ad posted under the name Bella called. A 28-year-old woman was arrested for apparent reasons after booking her for an odd sum and arranging to meet at a nearby motel.

And this was, apparently, his seventh bust of the month. Skip games are often referred to by local police and prosecutors as “more-graphic” and “in-your-face” versions of Backpage. Reports also claim that it has managed to promote the prostitution business in and around the United States since 2010.

A similar case occurred in Northampton County in the United States. Check into Sites like quitting games The website led police to a prostitution sting at the Hanover Township Hotel, which succeeded in making about eight arrests. One of them was also someone who promoted and promoted the idea of ​​posting adult advertisements, thus promoting the business.

And it is not at all surprising that the site does this. The tagline itself says “SkiptheGames.eu. Get satisfaction. ”Which cunningly indicates that it is a market that deals with sexual intercourse.

Personal ads are posted on sites like backpages Daily, least worn by women especially with no clothes; Provocatively presenting. There is also a brief description at the bottom of the ads, which applies the erotic acts they consent to and their contact numbers. The main trick they enforce, to get away with it, is that they do not mention the price thus steering clear of the law at first sight.

Word is on the road that after the backpage was closed, the volume of coarse trade and human trafficking decreased by 39% compared to previous years. However, after the introduction of more innovative, ‘ominous’ sites such as Skip to Games, the business is still on the cover.

According to a report in The Morning Call, Officer Colonial Regional Police Sergeant. Michael Enstrom of Allentown says I amWhen the government closes those websites, we don’t actually do anything for a while. Now people are getting more creative and bringing others Sites like skipthegames, Is more common now www.skipthegames.com.

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Last word

Asked whether their site was separate from Backpage, skipthegames.com released a statement saying, “We are a small company, and even though we don’t have any staff or facilities in the United States, we Interact with American law and help enforcement on a daily basis. Like many companies, we, unfortunately, have to deal with people who misuse our network to carry out illegal actions or to do bad things. However, surprisingly, the site only provides a single email ID to contact the police.

Such sites need to be stopped, and before it is too late, it is better investigated to reach its root. It is not news that minors, women and even men have been victim of bootlegging, some have destroyed their lives since time immemorial. Guides or no barricades, sites that are allegedly conducting human trade and need to stop smuggling.

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