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If you like watching both comedy and horror films Slaxx 2020 movie It is going to happen for you because it is a mixture of both comedy and horror, so get ready to laugh and be afraid.

The movie Slacks is directed by Elza Kephart, with the story of the film written by Patricia Gomez and Elza Kephart.

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In the film, we get to see one of the best actors. Tell that the film is a total of 1 hour 17 minutes.

The concept of the film Slax has been created in a unique way. The makers of the film have made a concept out of more films.

Slaxx cast

  • Romain Dennis as Libby McClain
  • Brett Donahue as Craig
  • Sehar Bhojani as Shruti
  • Kenny Wong as God
  • Tiana Nori as Barb Lubotsky
  • Erica Anderson as Peyton Jules
  • Stephen Bogert as Harold Landgrove
  • Jonathan Emond as Camillo
  • Amanda Chiu as Youth Greetings
  • Jessica B. Hill as Hunter
  • Preeta Majumdar as Kirat
  • Elizabeth Neale as Camera Operator
  • Haneke Talbot as Genma
  • Aris Tyros as cashier

Country and style

Tell us that Slacks has released the film in Canada. And now let’s talk about Janres, we get to see both horror and comedy in the film.

Slaxx storyline

When a pair of jeans begins to kill the employees of a fashionable clothing store, it is up to Libby, an idealistic young salesman, to stop a rabbi grumpy.

Slaxx release date

To film 11 September 2020 Will be released.

Slaxx movie langauz

  • English
  • Not available
  • Not available

Slaxx Movie Trailer (2020) HD Download Online in English

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