Sleepaway camp, nail-biting horror slasher, how scary is the film?

Released in 1983 Sleepaway Camp Is an American slasher horror film written and directed by Robert Hitzik. This is the first installment Slipway camp franchise. Starring Felissa Rose, Catherine Kami, Paul DeAngelo and Mike Kellyn. This was Mike Kelly’s last screen appearance. The film is known for its notoriety Ending turn.

The film was released during the genre’s succession, becoming a cult film since its release. This was followed by three sequels in its franchise Sleepaway Camp laying the foundation. There were three sequels Sleepaway Camp ii: Unhappy Camper Released in 1988, Sleepaway Camp iii: Juvenile Wasteland Released in 1989, and Return to sleepaway camp Released in 2008.

What was the story of the film and what happened in it?

The film’s story revolves around Angela and Peter’s two children of a man named John Baker. The film opens in a lake in the summer and John is shown swimming with Angela and Peter and having fun on the boat. They get into an accident on a motorboat and John with another group of teenagers and one of them escapes when they kill a child. Then after a few years, we see the shy and quiet Angela, played by Felisa Rose, her aunt Dr. Martha was living with Thomas and cousin Ricky. Martha sent young teenagers to a summer camp at Camp Arvac. After the teenage campers arrive, many are mysteriously murdered by an unseen killer. All of the victims were teased at one point or tormented Angela, soon to die. It is not revealed until the twist of the film that the killer is actually “Peter”, who survived the boat accident and was raised by his aunt as his deceased sister Angela.

Sleepaway camp prearing and market:

The film was released on November 18, 1983 and when released, the film was compared to Friday the 13th due to their shared settings and somewhat of a plot.

August week४ August box office review reported the first week’s marketplace by the film in Los Angeles, California theaters were $ 90,000. The film was a huge success and was mind blowing.

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