Snapchat: Confused how to increase score, here is a brief guide!

Snapchat is one of the most popular messaging apps. It allows the user to send text messages, pictures and videos. There are various effective features like stories, memories, filters and stickers. The user can save pictures and videos to reply and forward in the near future.

Like another social media app, it does not have real navigation. The user can switch sections in the app by swiping left or right. Buttons and tasks in the application are controlled by level icons.

Snapchat profile has a number logged by username. This reflects the Snapchat score. Miracle to the user of the profile, a score can be seen. Gamification is added through a score that motivates users to use the app more. The score includes two numbers, one for snaps and the other for snap send.

How to increase snap chat score?

The score increases based on some posted stories, number of snaps sent and number of snaps received. A point is received when the user sends or receives a snap or posts a picture to their story. No point is received for sending a message and seeing someone else’s story.

Here are some tips to increase Snapchat scores.

  • Turning off Snapchat for a while will help to score. When the app is rebooted and used again the team will be happy that the user is back so that they can automatically raise the score. The user should also send Snapchat to Team Snapchat.
  • A point is earned when the user opens the received images in the app. If the user follows this habit then a lot of points are earned in the future.
  • The more snaps a user sends, the more points earned. One thing to note is that if we send a picture to many people in the friends list, more points will be earned, this is not true.
  • Sending more snaps of celebrities in the friend list can increase the user score. Scatter-bombing celebs with pointless snaps are a good way to increase points.

Snapchat is a good way to promote brands and products. Snapchat marking is becoming quite effective in recent times. It helps in brand building.

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