Soil Health Card Scheme

Prime Minister Modi ji is making every effort to double the income of farmers in the country. Their income can only increase when the crop production of the farmers is high, but the expenditure is low. Many farmers of the country are still farming in the old way, due to which much of their capital is spent in it. With time, the climate of the country and the soil have all changed, in such a situation, it is important that the farmers keep changing the way of farming. By informing the farmers about modern farming in the country, the government constantly urges them to adopt it, many programs are also being run for this, where the farmers are given full knowledge of it. An important process inside modern farming is soil investigation.

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How is soil tested in farming?

The climate of India is constantly changing, the soil here is also changing. If the farmer keeps planting the same crop continuously in his field, then his soil gets lost in many nutrition, due to which his crop is not that good. The government of our country has started the Soil Health Card (Sile Health Card Scheme) to check the soil of the fields. Under the scheme, the soil of the field will be examined, in which it will be known how the soil is, what is lacking, what can be cultivated, what fertilizer can be added.

Soil Health Card (Soil Health Card Scheme) –

Through soil testing, the farmers will be informed about the condition of the soil then. After this, they will be given a soil health card. Farmers will be encouraged to check the soil through this scheme, and they will also be told to use the right fertilizer properly. Farmers will be informed about the benefits of fertilizer, along with how they can be used and how much quantity can be used. The government has launched a mobile soil testing laboratory for testing soil samples. Officers will go to the farmers’ house and take a sample of the soil and they will be immediately informed about the soil at home.

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The trend of mobile soil testing laboratory has started a while ago, and it is growing slowly in the country, so that farmers do not have to wander here to check their soil. Prior to the mobile lab, soil testing lab has been running continuously in many places in the country. Here farmers themselves take their soil samples, and get them examined. There was a lot of time spent going to these centers and reporting. The government has introduced this facility to further ease the path of farmers.

Which elements will be investigated in soil –

Mobile soil testing laboratories will have all the information, this is a modernly designed software, which will have all kinds of testing equipment. This software will mainly check the soil’s micro and overall nutrient. Along with this, audio-videos on many topics related to agriculture will also be available in these mobile lab’s app to inform the farmers about modern farming.

Objectives of soil investigation –

  • Officials give information to farmers through soil health card about the immediate status of what nutrients are in the soil.
  • All the nutrients are given in the soil, which can be cultivated from them.
  • What is the condition of the soil, how can it be corrected, what fertilizer should be added, how will it be improved, all the information will be provided to the farmers.
  • Giving information about the right and balanced fertilizer and its quantity.

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Benefits of using Silent Health Card –

  • According to a study, farmers can benefit up to 30 thousand per acre using the soil health card.
  • By using it, farmers get the right information, which saves fertilizer and income will increase by increasing production.
  • The use of expensive nitrogen fertilizer will be reduced due to soil testing by soil health card. Fertilizers like urea are very expensive, farmers use them incorrectly without knowing, due to which the soil is damaged and the expenses are also high. The right information will be used with the right information.

Soil Health Card Official Portal –

The government issued a soil health card Official site Is also introduced. In this, you can get all the information related to farming. Here you will also find its mobile application, by downloading it, you can also call the officials home to test the soil.

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