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Solidatus, a leader in metadata management, has secured its first position on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Metadata Management, one of the 17 market leaders in its region.

Solidatus is the only new entrant in the field to be added to this year’s Gartner Magic Quadrant, and one of the youngest companies to rank in the Quadrant’s history.

Gartner’s assessment of Solitatus noted the business “” vast experience working with financial services organizations, providing regulatory and compliance expertise in one of the world’s most heavily regulated industries. It has also identified the uniqueness of Solidatus’ lineage-first approach. Gartner identified its customers as offering its flexibility, ease of search and visualization, and its “investigation and fix” offering. His evaluation praised Solidatus ‘ability to easily bind and integrate other applications, booking organizations’ data in a single, visible lineage set.

The achievement comes during the London-based firm’s most successful year yet, announcing it doubled in size, quadrupled in revenue and a strategic commercial and investment partnership with Tier 1 Client City. 2021 is an even bigger year in size, with the company again expecting to more than double in size, as well as expanding further into new areas.

This year has also seen many other achievements for Solidatus, including:

  • Gartner Peer Insights Independent Customer Satisfaction 4.9 out of 5, Rating 5% Star Rating with 92% Industry Review, and “100% Recommendation” Endorsement
  • Solidatus collaborated with the Financial Conduct Authority by providing its modeling software to over 90 participants in its most recent dataprint. Dataprint developed synthetic data assets for the digital sandbox pilot to solve use cases, including dealing with fraud and supporting financial flexibility
  • Membership of Enterprise Data Management Council (EDM Council) Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) Best Practices Review Committee
  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) and EDM Council to develop an industry-first model for membership of the ESG Working Group and selected as a DCAM Knowledge Modeling solution.
  • Membership of the ISO 20022 Semantic Model Working Group Committee
  • Significant multichannel diversification of its customer base between Tier 1 US and European financial services institutions, government and public sector, retail, regulatory authorities, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical and healthcare

Philip Miller, Solidatus co-CEO, comments, “Creating the Magic Quadrant is an important milestone for the business, having seen incredible growth since its inception. It is only extraordinary for a year to be transformed by the global COVID-19 pandemic. This confirms our vision that its vision is truly unique, with an adaptable ‘lineage-first’ approach to solving complex issues of corporate metadata management. We are on course to move forward and break into new areas, the platform demonstrates the capabilities that it can bring to areas beyond our current bases in the financial services, government, pharmaceutical and retail sectors. “

Philip Dutton, co-CEO of Solidatus, says, “Just three years after acquiring our first customer, Magic Quadrant has acquired listings on how quickly we have managed to meet customer needs and how our solution has been in the industry.” Is driving ahead. We would not have even imagined achieving this feat in such a short period. Being recognized for the value that such a reputable organization brings to the data management space is an achievement for Solidatus. Our goal is not only to be an industry leader, but also to be a benchmark for metadata management that delivers on the promise of data. “

The placement in the Magic Quadrant comes in the same year as Solidatus’ successful rollout of its latest software update, version 4.0, featuring its integrated, advanced and advanced industry-leading data catalog. In support of this important development phase, it also expanded its senior team with the appointment of several new hires.

Solidatus is passionate about revolutionizing the data economy. The primary focus of the business is on shifting the data management paradigm towards sustainability and organizations become proactive rather than reactive when it comes to managing their data. Understanding and exploiting data is one of the biggest, longest, operational challenges facing enterprises worldwide. Solidatus brings clarity, simplicity and structure to that process.

Solidatus represents the next generation of metadata management, including data governance. It facilitates operational transparency and control for the world’s largest data-rich, regulated organizations by managing the relationships between data, people, and processes. The solution has been shown to offer traditional methods for efficiency savings of up to 90% and provides the only viable low-touch solution for complex data problems.

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